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    Read through these. They're pretty straight forward. The only problem now is Lyndon Wester no longer re-programs the BCM's s you would have to ind someone who can re-input he RPO codes less the Z55 Autoride code. Personally, I think if you disconnect the whole system it should work fine as the BCM will not receive any error codes so things should worklike the Autoride is not there. Any questions, let me know. disconnect
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    The 2500 shocks are the magna-ride, correct?
  3. Jacqson

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    I don't know their official name but they are/were made by Delphi for GM.
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    MagneRide was the name used when they started putting them in Cadillacs. It's the magnetorheological shock also used in the Corvette and licensed to Ferrari and some other companies. Uses magnetic fluid whose viscosity can be changed with a variable magnetic field generated by electro magnets in the shock and controlled by the ride control module via inputs from the position sensors that those rods actuate. I'm pretty sure I read that's what the 2500 has. It makes sense since it's not an air system like the 1500 has.
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    If i could get access to removing the air ride system i'd appreciate it. I want to investigate other options that incorporate cold weather and the wonders of salt better.

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