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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by jconn161, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. jconn161

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    I have a 2002 gmc sierra z71, I want to add an audio imput to my radio but not sure. The radio has a cd player and a label aux but is not in use. what is the best way in order to add so that i may use my ipod or mp3 player to this aux imput.

  2. Scott_Anderson

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    I can't speak to the specific aux input you are referring to, I myself use a belkin FM transmitter. I plug it into my ipod and then just tune my radio to the right freq. One nice thing about it is that you can use it with any FM radio, so between my truck, motorcycle, and boom box at work, I'm all set. BTW it does transmit in stereo.
  3. FrigginNoodles

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    There is an adapter that you need to purchase in order to use the aux button on the factory radio. I'm not sure of the part number or the cost, but I think I remember hearing that it is around $100 or so. Most people would recommend buying an aftermarket radio or purchasing a FM transmitter. I bought my fiance a transmitter for her car last year and she loves it. She uses it to listen to pandora radio through her phone on the way to work. However, when looking into purchasing the transmitter some reviews said they don't work well in major cities because of the lack of free frequencies or something to that extent.
  4. ErolfPleiss

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    I long for the days of the tape deck. Using a tape adapter was much more friendly than the FM transmitters as they never had signal interference and worked fine without ever having to change the station. But, without, I'd just go the FM transmitter route.
    My buddy upgraded entire stereo unit and new one has bluetooth so he can play music without wires, pretty slick.
  5. Greggory L.

    Greggory L. New Member

    I bought a new head unit which has the jack input and the usb connect as well as blue tooth. My CD player was junk when I bought the truck, so it was just the right thing for me to do. My head unit really was the right choice for me.

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