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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Geddy6, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Geddy6

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    Hi: I am Geddy6: I am a Waterwaste Water plant technician and accomplished musician. I own a 2006 Avalanche 1500.I live in Bobcaygeon Ontario Canada. The problem I am having is this. I have to replace the rear axle seal and bearing. I have taken off both rotors, drained differential oil, removed 7mm bolt that holds the retaining bolt, rotated the differential so the area that allows the "C" clips to fall out when the axle is pressed in towards the differential. When I press the axle in the"C" clips will not fall out so I can remove the axle. I noticed a block inside the differential between the spider gears. Is this to be removed also or what should I do to take the axle out? It's going down to minus six tomorrow so I would like to finish this fast. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thank-you
  2. wbmartin3

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    My "C" clips came out fairly easily though they didn't just fall out. On the left side, I just used a pair of needlenose pliers to pull them out (my kid did have to push in on the flange of the axle to help it along). The right side was more difficult because my parking space where I'm working tilts a little downhill. I just tapped on the flange with a mallet and "C" clip eventually just fell out (but I worked forever trying to tease it out ... that was unsuccessful). I don't know what the "block" you're referring to is, but it sounds like the retaining bolt (though I'm sure you know what that looks like since you removed the 7mm bolt that holds it).
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    Geddy, if you are still around. Do you know if you have an open diff, or do you have the G80? I know the procedure for getting the C-clips off is different on the G80. If you are still working on this, you might try getting a positive ID on the axle to make sure you are following the correct procedure.

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