AVOID!! Firestone tire stores

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by murdog94, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. murdog94

    murdog94 New Member

    I had a brake failure on my wife 2001 Buick Regal. a simle brake line blew. I limped the car to the closest shop which happened to be a Firestone store. Firestone does do full service so i knew it would be taken care of and i have had good experiences with them in the past when buying my faorite brand of tires.
    I got a quote for $330 for the brake line to be replaced (it was from the ABS module to the rear of the car) it is Cold here in MN and i was happy to not have to do the work in the snow bank. So i had NO problem with that price at all.
    After 2 days at the shop with them I got a call saying that the rear brake bleeders were frozen and there was nothing they could do they were going to have to change the calipers. Personally i would have tried a little harder but this is a car that we plan to keep for a LONG time, so i asked what the total bill would be. he said $827 total.. WHAT is exatly what i said i wanted to know exactly where the break down was. So he told me that the calipers were $142 a piece. I looked at Advanceauto.com in my office to check his prices which is where this particular Firestone store got its parts from. It was $52 each for the rear calipers. So i told him this and he proptly told me he would call me back. Also i argued that it didnt take 1.5hrs to change each caliper. So he called me back nearly 30 min later. His total price was $70 a caliper, and 30min a side for the replacement. really i was happy with this since once again i didnt have to do it. otherwise i would have gone and got my car trailer and pulled it home and dealt with it. So all said and done out the door it was supposed to cost $568 taxes etc.. Which i was once again fine with since i didnt have to mess with it.
    I showed up the following day to pick it up and was given a total of $627. I asked why the price was different and got a deer in the headlight look and told cuz "he didnt include shop supplies, or tax" well there is no tax on labor here, and he told me all done was that price. i argued a little but got nowhere. (mind you i have bought 10 or more sets of tires and had them do a lot of work for me in the last 8 years) they just didnt care nor try to even explain. So i paid and left, and vowed that i would sit down and be sure to tell everyone that i could about this poor treatment. Since i usually work on my own cars i know roughly what it costs, and with out labor i would have been good to go with less than $200 in parts. So Buyer Beware and AVOID Firestone stores due to unfair and hidden tactics to just get more money!
  2. stephan

    stephan New Member

    Well once again it proves that you can save money by having knowledge going in. I'm surprised there are calipers anywhere in the country that are $52. each,, so well done there Mike.
    As far as "hidden tactics"... what I see is that they just flat out lied, or didn't keep their word. Both are equally pathetic in my humble opinion. I would write a letter to the editor of your hometown newspaper if you want to get more coverage & really lay these mutts in the weeds.

    Is Firestone like GM corporate where that can't tell the dealerships what to do as far as customer complaints, or do they have sway over the individual Firestone stores?
    If they do, I'd write them (F.C.) a letter & they might come down on your side & you could get a little $$$ back..
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  3. tbplus10

    tbplus10 Moderator

    I've had good and bad experiences with Firestone over the years.
    One time while I was deployed the wifes car broke down and a local Firestone shop owner in Marietta, Ga. went out of his way to help my wife get the car to the shop then drove her 25 miles to the base where I had left my truck when I deployed. A few days later when the car was fixed he had one of his mechanics deliver it to the house so she wouldnt have to worry about getting a ride to the shop.
    But on the other hand a Firestone shop in North Carolina took 3 days to replace a starter, tore a hole in the drivers seat, put a dent in the quarter panel, and swapped my 2 wk old battery for an old piece of junk.
    Complaints meant nothing to them, I even swore out a police report, in the end the best thing I could due was file with the local BBB and walk away.
    Just the luck of the draw.
  4. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis New Member

    Wow, I'm kinda surprised that 2 calipers would croak at just 9 years??
    Frankly,I can't ever remember having a caliper go bad-except motorcycle calipers that sat for maybe 25 years?

    Of course $70 isn't a bad price for a caliper, but since they more or less charged about $100-
    Tire stores are famous for ripping folks off-they advertise $60/tire but the actual out the door price is usually about 2X the advertised price. I suspect this rip off lying attitude just spills over to all their transactions-they intend to rip you off-and they do.They wanted to rape you-settled for copping a feel.Left to them ,the original $827 would have been $900+.Imagine what they do to most women or other folks with no mechanical experience? They hold the car hostage, so you have no choice.
  5. murdog94

    murdog94 New Member

    Yep and the calipers werent bad, it was just the bleeders were "frozen" (normal up here in the rust belt but i knew they werent as bad as they were saying... So they replaced them. I have had both good and bad experiences with the same shop, but will not go to them again, i will try to find another vendor to get my tires from now on as well.
    And in Marrietta Ga. if it was the same Firestone store I have had good luck as well as my cousin at that store since he lives there and when i would visit i would usually have them do some work that i didnt have to to do on my truck. But the one in Columbus GA wasnt as good but still better than being lied to...
    Hence my AVOID rating since there should be more consistency and better service.
  6. stephan

    stephan New Member

    For you guys in the frozen north with the "salt" on the roads & those living in the rust belt, try putting the anti-seize on your bleeder screws. I don't remember the name as the label fell off my can, but it is the silver stuff. Looks like thick liquid silver. The 4wd boys who like to play in the water/mud holes & crossing the rivers & creeks use it here & it works great. They also use it on all bolts that are low on the chassis & suspension.
  7. murdog94

    murdog94 New Member

    Done and done on everything that i own, however i had just bought the car. also the bleeders will rust to the point that there is nothing left of them up here...
  8. tbplus10

    tbplus10 Moderator

    We always used the one off of Canton Rd because it was between the house and the base.
  9. Bigbomber

    Bigbomber New Member

    Thanks for the heads up.Both our vehicles are still under warranty so we just take them to the dealer and have THEM rob us blind for non warranty work.
  10. cmobile

    cmobile Former Member

    My negative experience with Firestone store.
    My mother owned a 99 Cadillac DeVille. Dealer maintained. If they recommended it, she let them change it. She though she could save money by going Firestone.
    First they changed the A/C compressor, $850. Then told her that there was a fitting slightly leaking and they wanted another $1300 to change all the O-rings. She refused and told them it worked when she brought it in. She left with her ac system not cooling as well. found out it was under charged.
    Second she comes in for an oil change and they tell her the alternator is bad. No symptoms, they just say it is bad. $700 replaced. Back in in 45 minutes with steam coming from engine. They put a screw that was too long in the plastic cover over the radiator and punctured it. They replaced it free of charge.

    1 month later I inherit the Cadi. Steam starts whisping from radiator. In check it and the cooling fan is rubbing the lower part of the radiator, I take it in to firestone for warranty work--faulty installation. They order new radiator. later that day I get a call and they claim that the car must have been in a front end collision cause the radiator wont fit and the fans will rub again. they inform me I must pay $450. (cadi never in an accident) I come down to the shop to see, the tech shows me how it wont fit. I notice he has the rubber radiator mounts in the wrong hole. I move them forward 1" to the origional holes and the radiator fits fine. No charge, but they tried to tell me that I had to pay tax on the radiator at $35, it was the law. I told them "We both know that's not true". I paid nothing but what a hassle. Won't recommend them. This was two Firestone stores, one in Albuquerque, and one in Colorado springs.
  11. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Moderator

    Well this is why News shows like 20/20 and others have WARNED people many times to stay away from Firestone,GoodYear and Sears stores...... They first hire Back yard Mechnics and train them THERE way of doing Biz.. (Make as BIG of Profit as you can for the Co!!) They showed many times where people would go in the the stores with something simple and people would walk out with a LARGE Bill.. Some even Sold goods that were NEVER NEEDED!!! Or did a little fixing for them selfs for you to THINK that something is wrong... Do a search and you will find what I am talking about.. JUst find a Good Local guy that has been doing it for years and has GOOD Ref's from friends and the BBB. You will find that he knows more and is very fair with the price.. BUT also remember They have to make a living too...His Snap-on tools are not cheap...
  12. Sierraowner5.3

    Sierraowner5.3 New Member

    i shopped a firestone dealer once for some tires.... was gonna be almost 900 bucks for some tires, and only on 16 inch wheels, went to another tire shop got the same exact tires done for just a hair under 600.

  13. aloxdaddy99

    aloxdaddy99 New Member

    I had an 06 silverado that was a company truck. I had to take it to fleet authorized shop, and Firestone was the closest one. I drove the truck for 2years from the time it was new. The company put 3 sets of front brake pads on that truck. It only had 40-50 k miles. It got to the point that if I wanted to stay out of the office for the day just take the truck to the firestone. That was the one at Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes Barre PA.
  14. Blacksheep1

    Blacksheep1 New Member

    Isn't it amazing? Bad economy,lots of competition,and no customer service. You would think companies would be bending over backward to thrive and survive. Instead they bend us over. My father and grandfather are rolling in their graves. They taught me that happy customers come back, bring their friends, and buy more. What has happened to the American way?????
  15. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Moderator

    What has happened to the American way????? It's called Do It Yourself!!!
  16. Blacksheep1

    Blacksheep1 New Member

    We always did DIY. But the parts store, motels, etc. wanted our patronage. Now they don't care. If you don't like it go somewhere else is the attitude. No wonder local commerce is down and more folks shop online. To avoid the "your bothering me" attitude at the stores. The same with GM, Ford. Mopar etc. build it as cheap as you can and don't stand behind it when there is a problem. Unless you can get enough media coverage(Toyota brakes, etc.) to force them.
  17. aloxdaddy99

    aloxdaddy99 New Member

    The sad thing is the large chains are forcing the mom and pop operations out of business. They are the ones who cared about the customer, their lively hood depended on it.
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  18. 1flyfisher

    1flyfisher New Member

    I have had good experiences at the local Sears Automotive shop.
    Prior to my purchase of a new 2010 GMC Savana I had an old beater 1979 Chevy Van that I use for camping & hauling my kayak.

    The old van wouldn't start so I had it towed to a local shop. They replaced the rotor for $160 and when I came to pick it up it wouldn't start. Then they tried to gouge me for another $600+ for a distributor, wires, plugs full tune up.
    I got the hell out of there and went to sears.
    They gave me the lowest price on new plugs, wires, distributor, a few belts, air filter, oil change, labor, tuneup etc. It was like a little over $300 for all the parts and labor. They got it running great.

    If you think Sears or Firestone are bad....MIDAS and Just Brakes are flat out crooked thieves that cheat the hell out of people. I have no idea how they get away with the rip offs they constantly pull on people all over the country. Just needing New pads turns into $1000+ brake jobs.
  19. Crispyt

    Crispyt New Member

    Yeah ive seen Firestone do that before. I work at Autozone and handle some of the commercial accounts. One of them is Firestone and they orderednew front rotors for a 2007 Cobalt which were about 45$ each. They got 2 of them. Turns out that the cobalt was my buddies and they charged him 125$ a piece for them. Not including time and labor costs. But its not like its just Firestone, other places do the same thing too. Thats why I do all my repairs that I can. Having a shop fix my truck is like letting some other guy take my girlfiend on a date. :no:
  20. 1flyfisher

    1flyfisher New Member

    Are you guys aware of YELP.com? If not you should be. There is a page for your home town and you get to read and write reviews of local businesses. SO you can go on Yelp and tell other folks in your community how lousy the local Firestone store has been to you. This benefits others and helps hold businesses accountable. You can read and write reviews for any local business, restaurants, auto shops whatever. So before you frequent a business you can see what others have to say about it.

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