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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Corins, May 6, 2010.

  1. Corins

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    Late December I ordered a set of LED Tail lights from Mytightride.com, the ones I ordered were out of stock, I'm wishing I had ditched them right there and gotten the lights elsewhere but instead I decided on a different set and had them ship them to me instead. Mid January they arrived only for me to find even with perfect packaging, one of them broken.

    I email them to let them know of the situation before calling, I get a response that I need to call about it so they can talk to me about the return. I call and find out that only 1 person at the company deals with returns and the 4 or 5 times I call he is always busy with someone else. I'm left on hold for 10 minutes while they wait for him to clear up only for the same person that answered the phone originally to come back and say its going to be a while, asking me to leave my name, number and what my problem is and he will call me back. I do this all 4 or 5 times and never receive a return call (I have caller ID and answering machine so I know when someone calls)

    I send off other emails about not being able to get a hold of the guy I need to and get no responses, between work and house renos I'm up to the end of February and I call again, to my surprise the guy I've been trying to contact this entire time answers the phone. I tell him my problem, he asks me to email him a picture of the damaged light, I do and it takes 2 days to get a response (which I don't mind, I realize I'm not the only customer). He tells me he has to contact his tail light supplier to get them to send me a packing label to return the lights to the supplier, and that once his supplier receives the tail lights, that he will send me a replacement set.

    Well it was March 5th by the time I got the packing slip, with it being late I had to wait till the 8th to ship as the company here is closed on weekends. So I ship the lights back on the 8th of March expecting that it should take about 6 weeks for me to receive the replacements (it took 3 weeks to receive them originally, so I figure 3 weeks down, 3 weeks back). So when Mid April rolls around I decide to shoot off an email (not feeling like playing phone tag for another month and a half), within 3 days I get a response that they haven't heard anything from their supplier yet, and that they are going to contact them and have them track down the package I sent back. Fast forward another 3 weeks and I have yet to hear from them with regards to what they found out from the supplier, needless to say I fired off another email.

    I'm going to try calling tomorrow to find out what the deal is if I don't have a response to my email by then, I'm to the point now where I'm expecting to be out the cash for the tail lights, but I just want to make sure that I can try and help anyone else avoid this same stuff by avoiding them altogether.

    I'll drop back to this post when I get more info on whats going on to keep anyone interested updated.
  2. mmorgan1865

    mmorgan1865 New Member

    Thanks for the info.
  3. murdog94

    murdog94 New Member

    Thanks for letting us all know.
  4. j-schmizzle

    j-schmizzle New Member

    that's a bummer. thanks for sharing.
  5. Goldie

    Goldie New Member

    Sorry to hear about your problem. But thanks for the info...probably saved some of us a lot of grief.
  6. TrailLeadr

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    I can't help but wonder about this first statement. By any chance did they notify you that the ones you ordered were out of stock after you ordered them? And did they further explain that they had another set that's similar but costs just a little more? If so that's classic bait and switch. Pretty common for crooked internet sales sites. Besides being illegal, it's a good indicator of the kind of people you will be doing business with.

    Sorry to hear about your situation. I hope you either get your money back or get the unbroken lenses that you ordered.

    Best of luck, and please do keep us posted.:great:
  7. Corins

    Corins New Member

    Actually they told me the ones I originally ordered were out of stock and they wouldn't be getting more, and told me if I wanted to look at the other ones they had available they would switch out part numbers on the order form. The set I choose were actually cheaper and since they had already charged me for the more expensive ones I was credited the difference back. My biggest problem is that since they shipped the lights that were broken it seems as if they don't care to deal with me anymore now that they have my money. If they think I'm going to stop calling/emailing they have another thing coming. Until the lights I ordered are in my hands they will continually hear from me. Sad part is its coming up to the 5 month period since I ordered them originally and I'm still having to deal with this, if this is common practice for them I'm sure they don't have many repeat customers.
  8. Demon_Speeding

    Demon_Speeding New Member

    Hmmm, maybe we should ALL start calling and e-mailing them for you too. :)
  9. Greg84

    Greg84 New Member

    Just out of curiosity, what brand of taillights are they?
  10. Corins

    Corins New Member

    The ones I originally ordered [FONT=arial, helvetica]Depo Carbon Fiber Housing LED, they were the ones that I couldn't get, the ones they sent that were broken and I'm waiting on replacement ones are..[/FONT]LED Smoke

  11. Corins

    Corins New Member

    As a little update, I got my hands on a tracking number (the original tracking number I had was useless once it crossed the border), and found out that their tail light supplier who I shipped the lights to for the return received them on the 23rd of March only 15 days after I shipped them. And at the middle of May I still had heard nothing. I contacted them about this with a few choice words about their poor response time, poor customer service, and that I was disgusted with the fact that they accepted the money for the tail lights and it seemed like after shipping the original set they didn't care about my experience with them.

    It must have sparked something because not 4 hours later I had a response that they had contacted their supplier to find out why they didn't make them aware of when they received my returned lights. Then the next day I got a phone call telling me they were getting ready to ship my replacement lights.

    I don't have them yet as this was only 2 days ago, I'm not going to start holding my breath just yet, but at least I finally got something moving.
  12. canislupis69

    canislupis69 New Member

    Just an FYI...I checked the Better Business Bureau and their ranking is a "D" (ranking is the same as school...A+ is the best and F is the worst). They have had one complaint filed to which they never responded.
  13. Corins

    Corins New Member

    That doesn't really surprise me actually, the guy that deals with returns seems to be the biggest problem to me, he took a week to respond to emails if he actually responded at all and if you called to speak with him he would never return calls. So you had to hope he was the one to answer the phone.

    When I sent my pissed off email a different person responded within 2 hours of me sending it, and the person that answered my email was the one that called me the next day (at which point I wasn't home), he left a message with his name and number, I called him back a couple hours after he had called me and he answered the phone and got everything straightened out within minutes. However like I said in my previous post, I don't have my lights yet so I'm not going to hold my breath. It does seem though that if I could have dealt with the current person I was dealing with I probably could have had my lights a few months ago, as long as he isn't lying to me that is. He did apologize multiple times over the 2 minute phone conversation with him.

    With that being said even if I get my lights now in a normal time frame, the experience has left a lasting impression, they do have a couple of products I would have purchased from them for my truck, but after this fighting to get my tail lights I'll look elsewhere.
  14. Corins

    Corins New Member

    Okay as a final update, I finally got my tail lights, this set isn't broken and are currently installed on the truck, I'll get some pictures up the weekend after I clean up the truck and get some free time. From the time ordered till the time I got a set that wasn't broken was getting up to 6 months, too long. I wouldn't order from them again even though the guy that I dealt with after sending my angry email got it all straightened out quickly, no one should have to put up with 5 months of no returned phone calls, no response emails to eventually send an angry email and get it straightened out.
  15. MyTightRide

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  16. stephan

    stephan New Member

    I clicked on Corins name & checked his posts, & he doesn't seem to have posted here since June 11, 2010, so your best bet would be to reach him through his email addy from your business records, unless your employee that was shootin him through the grease has deleted all his emails for fear of losing his job.
    As far as saving your business reputation with us... if you send us all a free set of lights like Corins ordered a year ago, we'll consider you a good businessman & call it even... ha ha ha...
  17. Corins

    Corins New Member

    I got a link to this post in my email so I came back to investigate. After sending the tail lights back I was emailing Marco, I couldn't get him on the phone and rarely would get an email response, after I sent my pissed off email Chuck responded and got it all straightened out within a couple days. Here is a bit of info and a time line.

    I received my tail lights on January 19th, discovered one was broken and email about it. Marco responded asking my order number 2 days later, he tried to call me but I was at work so I missed it, he gave me a number to call him back and after a month of not being able to reach him I sent off another email. Two weeks go by before I hear anything and it is a notice for me to watch for a shipping return label for the broken lights, we are up to March 4th now. I ship the broken tail lights back on March 8th, figuring its going to take time to cross the border to be received and then cross again to come back to me I figure I'll wait a month before questioning where they are. I send off another email April 16th and get another email from Marco 4 days later telling me he contacted your supplier and is looking for the lights I shipped back and that he is working diligently to fix the issue. Fast forward 2 weeks I haven't heard anything else I send another email with no response again. Another 2 weeks (May 19th) and I send off my pissed off email, a day later Chuck sends me a response looking for the original order number, I send that off to him same day, by the next day he responded again telling me he was checking with your supplier. The next day Chuck calls me apologizing about the mess up and tells me the replacement lights are ready to be shipped, 2 weeks after that I have them installed on my truck. Took me longer to try and get a hold of Marco then it did for Chuck to straighten it out and have my lights delivered.

    When I was told by Marco that he was working diligently to fix my problem the tail lights I had returned were in your suppliers possession for almost a month, so there wasn't a whole lot of looking for my package going on if they were already received. If I had been dealing with Chuck from the start with regards to the return I could have probably had my tail lights by early March instead of Mid June.

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