AVOID Wynns Auto Warranties!!!

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by murdog94, Nov 19, 2010.

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    My wife decided that she wanted a better car for going to school due to the long distance. So we went and picked her out a 2001 Buick Regal with 108K miles on it, 3.8L Auto etc, and bought an extended warranty from Wynns USA aftermarket warranty company for $1700 which was alot but we looked at it as a good way to deal with the GM 3.8L problems and Auto tranny problems etc 3yr 36K mile coverage.. So we took the car home and i was happy as a pig in mud because i knew if it broke i wouldnt have to really worry about it. So my wife drove the car for a week and the tranny lost 3rd gear and failed. So we brought it to our areas prefered tranny shop, and they took the warranty info, as well as dealt with the warranty company. After a week the warranty company still hadnt really responded other than to say they were going to send and adjuster to look at the car. And they finally got to it on monday of this week (15 nov 2010) and took 4 hours of looking at the now dismantled drivetrain. then they said they needed to go back to the office to talk it over. WHAT is there to discuss??? The tranny failed it is a covered part. They came back with a nice little offer that they would be willing to pay for a "used" tranny to be put into the car total cost to them $1782. when a rebuild was $2186. But they were perfectly fine with me paying the difference. which after a few different parts that the shop found defective (and charged me cost on the part and no labor to install) i walked out the door with a total bill of $541 out of my pocket. All of the defective parts were covered (oil sending unit, sway bar links and a few other little things) But they basically walked away and it cost me money.
    All said and done it was over 2 weeks in the shop. The shop actually worked on it for 3 days total. I would avoid them since the service contract that i signed had no fine print and in no place did it say they would replace a defective part with a "used" part. So i would avoid them since this was a rip off for me and poor treatment from them.
    I will give a plug to Dicks Transmission in Superior WI. They were outstanding and did GREAT work as well as trying to save me some money by doing things at cost and no labor when they could easly have charged me at every corner. Plus i still have a couple of parts to replace. but they told me exactly what was needed and what part. Inpecable service!!!!

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