Awesome Bumper Stickers!

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by K15 Blazer Guy, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. ChevyFan

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  2. thrasher

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    I've seen too many to even TRY to list, but the one that has stuck with me for YEARS, and I want but cannot find is -
    Partnership for an Idiot Free America
  3. 4silverado

    4silverado Member 100 Posts

    Sticker on my own helmet
    "I'm not going bald, I'm just getting more head."
  4. Lerch98

    Lerch98 New Member

    My Ma has one on her Pontiac;

    "If you must burn our flag, please wrap yourself in it first"
  5. McClintoc

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    Went to my dad's this past weekend. On the way home, I saw a pick-up with these two stickers:

    9mm beats 911 everytime.
    Proud to be everything that Liberals can't stand!


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