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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by johnboywalnut, Feb 13, 2010.

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    i was wondering if there is any way to beef up a stock axleshaft. obviously the number one failure is breakage in the splined area due to a score line that is created by the mating splines. would a simple debure of the female side solve the problem, or could you go as far as to have the axleshaft hardened. the reason why i ask is im putting 500 horse to the truck with 4.56 gears. any help would be duely appreciated.

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    After swapping my 4L60 to a 4L80 I had custom chromoly drive shafts made. They are much stronger. I hope this helps.
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    A little more info on the truck might help answer this question better.
    Most factory axle shafts will never handle 500 hp if you decide to really get on it.
    The best choice if your trying to run that much hp would be a Dana 60 or 70, the 60 has more gear choices so it's more popular and more expensive.
    Depending on the model axle you have there are some hardened machined axle shafts on the market, but again it would probably be temporary because even if you got stronger axles then the carrier would be the weak point, so basically you'd end up going through the driveline piece by piece.
  4. johnboywalnut

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    the truck is a 91 chevy z71 4x4. i have mildly built the tranmission, but it is still the th700r4, and 241 transfer case. it has 315-75-16 tires on it, and im putting 4.56 ring and pinion gears in it. i know that some companies make hardened axleshafts for that rear end, but i have 2 good sets of stock axleshafts for the truck. i wanted to know if there were any tricks to make them stronger. im not really concerned with the carrier housing because i know a guy who put 900 horse to a 8.8 rear end with good parts in a stock housing, and launched the car in to the 8s in the quarter mile without any troubles.

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