Back brake Issues (2003 Tahoe LT, 5.3 autoride)

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    I did the back brakes last week and eveyone told me the parking brakes never wear out. Well there were wore out and so was the back plate. I didn't have the part so I did new rotors callipers and the best long wear pads. The young man helping me messed up one of the bolts, the one that holds the main bracket. this bolt got messed up on the way out and got stuck so I had to grind the 3/4 ratchet to get it out. Going back in was allmost impossable, when I take this all apart again to do the backing plate and parking shoes Should I retap this hole? What do you guys think?
    Thanks Eric
  2. BillD64

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    Are you talking about the two bolts that hold the brake caliper bracket? If so you should buy a new bolt and also check to make sure you haven't ruined the threads in the bracket. If the threads in the bracket are screwed up you should replace the bracket.

    The backing plate rusts out quite easily on these vehicles. There is an aftermarket 2 piece backing plate that is available from several auto parts stores. The stock backing plate is a single piece and you have to pull the rear axle to replace it. The 2 piece backing plate can be replaced without pulling the axle.

    Did you have trouble getting the rotor off the parking brake? The salt/sand mixture thrown on our local roads causes a huge lip to corrode on the inside edge of the brake drum so the parking brake shoe is caught on the lip and the rotor has to be sledge hammered off. Usually screws up the parking brake shoes. Pay attention to the way the PB fastens to the vehicle. The three screws are small and can strip out just pulling the rotor off. You may have to install a thread insert in the screw holes so the PB shoes sit properly inside the rotor.

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    Come on Eric I burn those pads out all the time, I just wo t say y I or how on here LOL!

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    i vANCOUVER, b.c. TRUCKS LAST 20 PLUS YEARS. I will get a new bracket and bolt and hope for the best and let you know how it works out (not till end of month pension day). I will try to get the two piece unit, does that come in different gears as well?
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    Make sure your backing plates need replacement. Talk to Auto Zone, Advanced Auto, Napa to see what kind of replacement plates they sell. Hopefully, you will not nee 2 pull the rear axle shafts to remove the old ones.

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