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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by duckduckdog, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. duckduckdog

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    I replaced my factory head unit this weekend with a Sony AV 64BT and I have a back-up camera that I am planning to install. I went ahead and plugged the video feed into the back of the unit and have it coild up beside my glove box. My question is about power to the backup camera. Can I tap into the 7-pin connector? If not, where is the best place to tap into? Photos or wire colors would be greatly appreciated! :happy:
  2. Pikey

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    For my 2005 the red wire in the 7 pin harness is the power and the light green wire was the reverse lights. Just a note, when I spliced into the red wire for power there was none. I found that GM did not install the fuse for the power wire in the 7 pin harness at the factory.(I guess that this is common for 1999 and new models) In the underhood fuse block there was a red block inserted into the spot where the fuse was supposed to be. I just went to the parts store and purchased a fuse, replaced the block with a fuse and everything worked. Hope I helped.
  3. duckduckdog

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    Yes you did - thanks for the reply. So, you spliced into the red wire, and that delivers constant power to your back-up camera when the truck is on? If you splice into the light green wire, would that give me power when in reverse?
  4. Pikey

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    I did not install a backup camera, I installed white night back up lights. The red wire gave me constant power and the light green gave me power when in reverse to signal the relay to turn the lights on. I would invest in a cheap test light just to be sure that the colors are the same on the 2007. Chances are that they are the same, but I would still verify it. Again, I did not have power to the red wire until I put the fuse in.
  5. SurrealOne

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    I tapped the positive wire to the driver's side reverse bulb for my aftermarket reverse camera, as it's easy to locate and very, very easy to test. I also tapped the reverse circuit at the column to tell the head unit to switch into reverse camera view.
  6. dsfloyd

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    just installed one this weekend. the AV cable that came with it had a power wire run with it so I connected it behind the steering column along with the reverse line from the head unit so it powered the camera and signalled the head unit when I shifted into reverse. The other way is to find the power wire for the backup light bulb and splice it there for power.

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