bad caliper?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by TheUnit, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. TheUnit

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    '90 Sub, had the entire front end gone through summer 2009. Everything was checked, adjusted, pads replaced, rotors turned, etc. For the last few months, there has been a constant metallic squeak from the right front while in motion, and the noise disappears when brake pressure is applied. I finally decided to pull the wheel off, and began looking around. Before the full service mentioned above, I had a similar sound from the same corner, which turned out to be two broken caliper bolts. So I checked those first. Then I looked at the pads....the outer is nearly void of any friction material and the inner is in perfect shape. Throw me some ideas as to what may be the problem.
  2. stephan

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    My best guess would be that the caliper piston is stuck in the bore, and/or the caliper won't retract causing continuous pad to disc contact on that one pad.
  3. Rocknut88

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    Only other thing i can think of besides whats mentioned above is rust build up on the slider which will bind the pads up a little bit, but id be willing to bet the first one is the issue the caliper piston is sticking and not drawing back in and is leaving brake pressure on that one pad.
  4. TheUnit

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    Thanks for the input. I'm just buying new 2 piston calipers and getting rid of the originals!

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