Bad engine problems...need help

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by t_nash_r, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. t_nash_r

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    Ok guys i gotta big problem with my 2003 chevy silverado its a 1500 with the 5.7 in it its the z71 package. ok so nw a couple weeks ago i started hearing a tinging noise comming from under the hood so i pulled it in and it sounded like it was the cats making it. so i made an appt to take it in and hve it change. but 2 day ago i had a check engine light turn on and it started running like crap. so today when it took it to a shop to get its oil changed and looked at to see if that was the cats that where clogged the shop called me and n the oil filter there was solid black goo and anti freeze was in the oil like alll of my antifreeze was in the oil i have added about 2 gal of antifreeze to it in the past month. the gentalman that did the work this mornig read the codes for it and said that clindars 4 and 6 where miss firing. so any ideas on what this could be my dad and i think it could be a bad head ot inteke gasket. would that be about right? ive never had a head go bad w/o the engine blowing out a bunch of whit smoke. so yea i need help ASAP. thanks alot for reading this.:shocked:
  2. Jimmiee

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    It sounds like a head gasket but in any event your engine needs to come apart. Whenever you have to add coolant to your vehicle something BAD is going on that requires your immediate attention. Hopefully it's an intake problem. The spark plugs should tell you if water has entered the combustion chamber. If so the heads need to come off for inspection.
  3. t_nash_r

    t_nash_r New Member

    alright will do. i really hope its not that though.
  4. Dr_Zero

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    Could be an intake manifold gasket also that is not as bad to get to as a head gasket.

    Does the truck run hot?

    You are just losing coolant but there are no obvious leaks or puddles?
  5. t_nash_r

    t_nash_r New Member

    yea its never leaved any coolant. and ive used a pressure tester to make sure that the raditor has no lil tiny holes and its good. and yes it got a tad warm a few days ago. like it was about 50 degrees warm but not overheating.

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