Bad Fuel Pump on the 8.1 Vortec?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by Jason2325, Mar 16, 2012.

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    I was doing a compression check on my truck the other day. When I took out the spark plugs they looked like crap and only burning on one side. I had just replaced the plugs not even 6 months ago. So I continued with the compression check and then got online to see what the compression read on a 8.1 liter should be I had know luck with finding it but I did read somthing about these trucks having bad fuel pumps. Does anyone know anything about this and if I do need to replace it do I need to order a new one or aftermarket one? Also I never found what the PSI should be in 8.1 all my reads where above 175 and I think that sounds right. Any help would be nice. 2012-03-15 15.44.09.jpg 2012-03-15 15.43.46.jpg 2012-03-15 15.43.56.jpg
  2. Jason2325

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    What make, model, year? We need more info.

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