BakFlip Customer Service Is Awful

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by sharper4, Jun 29, 2010.

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    I don't know if this is more of a complaint, an opinion or request for help. I bought a BakFlip HD and it leaked. According to the reseller, this is normal and should be expected (but the marketting material says the product will protect your stuff from the elements). If I left the truck outside in a good rain, I could easily get 3 inches of rain water in the front of the bed that pools. That's a lot of water to come rushing back when I drive off with my groceries or a stroller in the back.

    Anyway, Bak refused to issue a refund. Instead, they offered shims, weatherstipping and other thoughts to fix it (like household silicone). None worked. They replaced the product twice. Still didn't fix the issue so after nearly 7 months they issued a call tag for the latest product.

    When it arrived, somehow it got damage during shipping. I think that's highly unlikely but I sucked up the $88 fee and asked for the refund. When I got the refund I found it to be $135 less than expected. That fee is their re-stocking fee.

    I'm furious - how can they charge a re-stocking fee for an item that didn't work. It wasn't my fault and its not like I simply changed my mind. I worked with them and their 'fixes' for soooo long, only to have them attempt to charge me for shipping defects and re-stocking.

    Anybody know what I can do about this? I've spoken with the exec's at Bak... they really don't like the idea of an unsatisfied customer but they genuinely don't want to deal with me. Its their warranty lady that said their was damage anyhow (although she wouldn't provide proof so I could have UPS refund the damage they caused). I feel like they are simply stealing from me to make up for some of the costs they were out from shipping me replacement models (that ironically, I didn't even want).

    Thank you.
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