Balanced Thermostat Temp Rating?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by cmobile, Jan 6, 2011.

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    My temp gauge fluctuates a lot. In cold weather highway driving it moves up past 210* (about half way between 210 and 260) then slowly comes down to the first big tic mark below 210 (200*?) The gauge is not linear so not sure of exact temps.

    Either way I just got the 95 suburban 350 TBI (175K mi) a few weeks ago and want to change it.

    I bought a 180* balanced T-stat for ~$9 (Mr. Gasket brand). My question is, being in central Colorado, should I stick with the factory 195* stat? Cool winters and the mild summers rarely see temps above 95*

    I haven't put it in yet and can have them order me the 195* if that is best.
    I do not expect a lot of performance from the t-stat, but I do not want to hurt fuel economy.

    Mods coming within in a few weeks:
    Remote intake air filter (usually called a Cold Air Intake)
    Dual Electric fans (6000 CFM)

    Current mods:
    cat back exhaust
    K&N air filter (stock) Being changed out soon to cone filter
    140 Amp Alternator - all Major wires "The Big 3" upgraded to larger size

    Vehicle tows rarely, daily driver, and used for my weekend mountain getaway vehicle.

    Thanks for the help,
  2. stephan

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    If you're looking for MPG go with the 195F stat. For power the 180F would be better, or even lower if your radiator is big enough to keep it that low, but most are not..

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