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    I am new to this forum. I have a 2001 Suburban with a 5.3 liter with more than 200,000 miles but truck still running ok. The check engine light came on and had a code of P0171 for lean bank 1 engine also a little sluggish. I cleaned the MAF sensor and it did not help. Ran a compression check to see how far gone the engine was and had readings between 190 and 210 Except in to cylinders on bank 1 that were about 20 psi below the average. I pulled the heads and found that cylinders 1,3,2-8 had normal looking wear with carbon build-up and 5,7 looked like they had been steam cleaned or something so I am trying to find out what whould cause the difference in the cylinder appearence. I am not sure that water is actually getting into the cylinders or not. I haven't noticed and steam like exhaust

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