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  1. Whats up with the banners and ads being in the way on this site. Id love to contribute more, but its such a PITA trying to read posts and navigate with all the ads in the way. Even in threads i constantly have to scroll to the right and down over and over to read anything. Also, the site seems to run super slow compared to other forums im on. Is there any explanation for this?? .... I think its a great forum, but just seems like it could use a better layout.... ..... for some reason in my post the word "navigate" appears twice even though I went to edit because I though I typed it twice???
  2. ntbush83

    ntbush83 Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    I'm not having any of these issues??
  3. 04-silverado

    04-silverado Rockstar 100 Posts

    +1 on NOT having any of these issues.

    as an aside:

    I use the OPERA browser 95% of the time, and the FIREFOX browser the remainder of the time... but I NEVER-EVER use Microsoft's Internet Explorer (or any "branded" browsers based upon its engine)... except to do MICROSOFT UPDATES (other than that, I never even launch MSIE)! Because I use the browsers that I do... I don't see any ADs, because both OPERA and FIREFOX provide means with which to kill ADs before they get rendered onto my monitor.

    The above said:

    1. it would be interesting to know which BROWSER (and version thereof) that you are using... and if others using the same one are having similar issues.

    2. there's also the possibility that your BROWSER has been "hijacked" as that's not difficult for MISCREANTS to do, if/when you keep MOBILE CODE (i.e., Java, JavaScript, ActiveX, etc.) "enabled" all the time while surfing "willy-nilly" around & about the Internet. Dependent upon your Operating System, there may be anti-malware (usually of "freeware" variety) that can detect HIJACKS, and clean them up as well.

    3. if you're using any Microsoft Windows Operating System... then which anti-malware software are you using, and do you keep it updated? For anti-spyware and hijacks... you might try the "EXCELLENT" freeware version of EMSISOFT's ANTI-MALWARE (both the freeware and paid version get downloaded & installed as one item... you simply elect to use the FREEWARE version during installation).
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  4. Im using IE (which version? .... my computer is about 2 years old and im using vista if that helps) ... my system is updated regularly and this computer is only used to surf legit sites (no porn) ... so Im assuming that i've not been hijacked.. I dunno whats up. To be more specific, there is an ad by "google" that is constantly in the way of reading posts.
  5. Bigbomber

    Bigbomber Rockstar 4 Years 5000 Posts

    X3,i'm also not having any problems viewing the pages on the site!
  6. WestCoastColy

    WestCoastColy Rockstar ROTM Winner 100 Posts

    Switch to Mozilla Firefox and add the AdBlocker app. Problem solved.
  7. 04-silverado

    04-silverado Rockstar 100 Posts

    To know which version, click on HELP and then ABOUT (on the upper text toolbar within your browser).

    There are several ways that ADs can get onto your screen... the website itself may embed them... a myriad of ADDON TOOLBARS (yahoo, google, etc.) may be embedding them and/or popping them up... your system may have been HIJACKED (EmsiSoft's Anti-malware is a superior product, to that of Microsoft's Anti-Malware, so you might elect to install the "freeware" version for a "test drive").

    As one other member suggested... FIREFOX and its plethora of ADDONs might be worth trying (be sure to get & use the NOSCRIPT ADDON... which blocks all mobile code, by default... and it's real easy to ALLOW same on those sites which you frequent and implicitly TRUST). So, why not give FIREFOX a "test drive" (and you might even like it some much that'll you'll never again use MSIE!)?

    P.S. when getting addons for FIREFOX, I strongly suggest using their "secure" website for same... it's located here:
    (why? because miscreants could offer ADDONS which have a nefarious intent, on just any old website... and phishing / identity-theft ploys are always "out there" and on the increase as well)
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  8. Enkeiavalanche

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    I see them too and can't stand them... Also The spell check does not work some times and did they ever fix the Members map?
  9. 04-silverado

    04-silverado Rockstar 100 Posts additional note:

    If I come to this thread, without being LOGGED IN, I see the following text (just above where this thread begins)...
    However; if I LOG IN, I do not see that text... there may be ADs displayed when not LOGGED IN that are not displayed while one is LOGGED IN.

    I'm pretty sure that there are ADs embedded by the owner of this website... after all, the owner pays for the domain and bandwidth consumed thereon. I have no problem with that... it's the HIJACKED stuff (including crap added when one installs some TOOLBAR) to which I object.

    The above aside:

    Try the OPERA and/or FIREFOX web browsers (and use their ad-blocking functions... if you can't stand "ADs").
  10. ChevyFan

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    Give me some screenshots of what you see. Most of the big ads go away when someone logs in. I don't develop the software for this site, and there are some issues on the server that I need to address to speed things up.

    I think there are issues with IE8 that have been reported over and over to the company that makes this software (vbulletin). I'll take a look this week to see if we can address some of this stuff, but I need screenshots and a detailed list of what your system and browser are.

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