Battery Completely Dead Once a Week

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by Fonze, Nov 11, 2011.

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    EDit 2:
    Resolved the issue. Battery it tight and ready to go!


    I figured out what is causing the sudden battery drain.

    It's the big red plastic piece over the positive side of my battery. It's not tight at all. I can pull it off with little to no effort.

    I pushed it down onto the battery and she started right up :).

    All I need to do now is figure out how to tighten it. Anyone know?



    Original post:
    Ey guys,

    I am having problems with my battery.

    Only thing hooked up to it is my Notto SE HID's 35W w/ relay. I hooked this all up on Friday October 15, 2011 I believe.

    The battery is GM factory I think (I can't really tell without taking it all out).

    Just last Friday (11/4/11), after work (around 5), my battery went completely dead. The remote lock/unlock wasn't even working on it. All of my lights were off (doors closed etc.) and I drove the truck fine with no problems to and from lunch earlier that day from 12-1.

    I had it jumped soon after and went on my way and had no problems until now.

    Well TODAY(the following friday), exactly 1 week from the first time, I tried to leave for lunch at 12 and AGAIN it would not turnover at all. The ONLY thing that worked was the remote unlock but that only worked enough for me to get it. (only hit it once).

    I don't know what's going on with my battery but I HATE it! I'm stuck at work and cannot go to lunch today because of it.

    ANYWAYS, like I said, the only thing hooked up is the HID relay and it is hooked up correctly.

    I have considered the possibilty of having to get a new battery but I wanted to see if any of you all had this problem and what you guys may think is the issue. (Alternator, relay/HID's, etc..)

    Thanks for reading,

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