Battery dies After 12 hours of Sitting

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by weekend wrench, Dec 12, 2010.

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    2006 GM Sierra, Crew Cab, 4WD, 5.3L.
    I believe that I have a short somewhere. In the morning, my battery is dead (or nearly dead). After I quick charge the battery in the garage, drive 1 hour to work, it starts at lunch time (I drive to lunch), and it starts at the end of the day (in other words, the battery is OK with 4 hour intervals of the truck off, but not when it sits for 12 hours). So I think that I have a short that is draining the battery when the truck is off for an extended period.

    What is the standard procedure to isolate the short? I heard that one way is to disconnect the negative terminal and connect an amp meter from the post to the separated neg cable. Then remove and replace fuses until you get the one that shows zero (or minimal) amperage when it's removed. Then you've got the short isolated to the wires that use that fuse. Is this a correct method?

    Any better methods?

    Thanks in advance for your instructions.

    Weekend Wrench

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