battery/starter problem 2003 chev ss

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by twnoonan, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Hello, New member here! I have a 2003 chev ss pickup w/65k miles.Truck is not driven much, going through batteries? The starter sometimes keeps running after truck starts. On our third battery now? Shall we replace the starter and if so can someone tell me how big a job this is for someone with basic tools knowlege? Or should we take it to a shop?

    Secondly I saw a recall notice for my vehical on the forum from 2004 GM, This is a brake booster releif valve problem limiting braking preasure! I noticed this problem a long time ago and called attention to my mechanic. Is this something I could still have an open recall on and could we take this to a GM dealer for repair at this late date?

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    I would replace the starter if it continues to run after it starts. It should be straight forward and easily done with basic tools. I think that the recall that you are talking about is for the hydro boost system. Do you have hydro boost on that truck? Look at the booster, does it have a vacuum line or power steering lines running to it. If you do have the hydro booster I would call a dealer and see if it is still covered. If you don't drive the vehicle much and keep going through batteries I suggest putting a battery tender on it while it sits. That should extend the life of your battery.
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    Your starter issue is probably the solenoid sticking, but unfortunately you cant just buy a solenoid anymore, you have to change the whole starter to solve this type problem. I'd replace the starter before it causes damage, the possibilities are a total battery melt down and fire or fried starter wires and battery cables. It could be a potentially serious situation if not corrected.
    I believe the booster recall was a limited time recall but a stop at a local Chevy or GM dealer should be able to clear up if it pertains to you and if it's still active.
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