BDS or Rough Country leveling kit?!?!

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  1. Tkaten831

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    Hey everyone! I just purchased a 2012 silverado LTZ extended cab. I want to level the truck because I think we would all agree it gives it a tougher stance and helps with allowing bigger wheels and tires. Now the million dollar question. BDS, rough country, ready lift? This is my first truck so I'm new at this. Any Info from everyone as to what brand y'all think I should use would be great! Thanks in advance for the help!!

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  2. squatchy

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    I'd just go with the cheaper one, they are all gonna do the same thing. Check the vendors and see who's having a sale, wait for the sale. Just remember upper strut spacers are true to size and lower are a 2:1, So a 1 inch upper will raise you up 1, a 1 in lower will raise you up 2.
  3. Tkaten831

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    Thanks man! I didn't know the 1:1 and 1:2 offset thanks for that! I figured they were all the same bc the basically just spacers. I think I'm guna get the rough country 2 inch leveling kit.
  4. summitwhite11

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    I use the rough country, made my front actually the same as the rear, within 1/4 of an inch.

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