Beach driving tire pressures

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by starsilverado, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. starsilverado

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    I have e load rated tires I am taking my new truck to the beach in a couple weeks. My old truck normal pressures were 36 psi and I found 22-24 psi worked great in the sand. Does anyone have any good starting points for tires that are rear 80 psi and front 60 psi I don't want to get embarrased and have to get snatched out.
  2. Jimmiee

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    You can run those at 20 lbs and be fine as long as you don't do any high speed sharp turns. This is what blows the tire off the rim. I used to run my 33's at 5 lbs in the sand but I would occasionally blow one off screwing around. I carried a CO2 tank so I could air them back up when that happened. Have fun!
  3. jerrynino

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    5lbs?! wow ive never gone that low and i would probably freak it the tire came out of the rim lol
    i usually just go like 25-26... it seems to work fine... it also depends on the kind of tire youve got
  4. 5speedsilverado

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    in my dads jeep, it has 36's and we air down to 5lb's to, it had 15" rims also, but we wernt going that fast, and always had tons of traction
  5. 2COR517

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    Oh yeah. Some hard core wheelers go down to 3 PSI. That's what beadlocks are for.
  6. starsilverado

    starsilverado Rockstar 100 Posts

    Thanks for the info I appreciate it.
  7. starsilverado

    starsilverado Rockstar 100 Posts

    AT the beach this week .
    I dropped tires down to about 22# and truck just about glidded over the sand.
    I have to admit I was a little bit anxious but the new truck did just fine, I checked the trans fluid temp and it was about the same as highway driving . So I guess that indicates how easy it goes across the sand.
  8. unplugged

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    I'd go down to 5psi, but the boss won't let me run beadlocks. He claims they are illegal for highway use in Cali. I go as low as 15psi in sand, gravel, or snow. When the going gets rough on the rocks I drop the pressure too. Take a look at the picture. A tire with normal pressure doesn't get a footprint that an aired down tire will. You can spend $50 or $60 for special tools to deflate your tires. I bought four of these clip on air chucks and air down all four tires at the same time. It is a real time saver and they cost me less that $20 for the set at Harbor Freight. I use a portable pump, or CO2 to reflate when I'm back on the highway.
  9. starsilverado

    starsilverado Rockstar 100 Posts

    New truck on the beach

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