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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by RaleighZ71, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. RaleighZ71

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    Ready for the Burb to stretch it's legs with a fishing trip to a very remote NC beach in a couple weeks. I've been in the sand many times with Jeep and Hoe yrs ago but not in the Burb. Anything in particular other than the obvious; air down the tires, carry tools, straps, fluids, be prepared for the worst, and have common sense.
    I've got oversize tires, a bit wider than stock that will help. They're heavy load E tires though so stiffer sidewalls. General Grabber AT2. Z71 so maybe suspension a bit better suited for it.

    I'd like to get a dual battery setup as there's already a tray for it. Any recommendations? I've heard I need an "isolator".
    I plan on checking all fluids and giving it the "once over" before the trip.
  2. missingremote

    missingremote Member

    sand buggy

    Bring a buddy in a chase 4x4 vehicle.Though there is help usually. Maybee sunblock? Portable 5 gal H20 sun shower. lots of rope and a tarp to use as a sun or wind screen. It get real windy and you might get sand blasted. Big Beach Umbrella. bag of ice :)

    and have some added fun for me since i cant do nething now since my new job ...... gay
  4. 95CTburb19

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    I would think just with airing down you'd be fine. Try to stay outta the water though, burbs don't float all that well. I liked those tires a lot by the way, how have they treated you?
  5. RaleighZ71

    RaleighZ71 New Member

    Yep, we'll have 4 trucks total - plenty of tow straps and "just in case supplies" ( extra belts, fluids, water, tools, gas). Plenty of beer.

    The grabber at2's have been great. I got load range E so they're heavier sidewalls. Probably didn't need E range but got a deal. Getting D next time.

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