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  1. Alright, go another issue I need some assistance with. I recently put on a 6" suspension lift running 35" Nitto Mud Grapplers. When I had the rims and tires off and everything all disconnected, I checked my pads and rotors (they looked fine, minimal wear for front pads and rotors). I had replaced my hubs about 2 months before doing all of this (so about 6 months ago.) About a month ago, while driving into work I was going about 10 or 15 and heard a sound (metal to a rubbing sound) but not a constant one, like it would come in for a second while the tires were in a certain position in their revolution. So I think nothing to serious of it, and keep driving it (it's my daily driver/weekend toy). Now I am up in Connecticut, and had the truck shipped up here via an open-style car hauler. I get the truck delivered to my door, pay the guy, and he is gone. I test drive my truck and the sound that I described earlier (metal to metal...rubbing sound) that WAS subtle, is now EXTREMELY loud. I haven't jacked it up to check the hubs/bearings, but any ideas on what it could be?

    The only troubleshooting I've done is:
    1) Driver window down, passenger window up, 10-15 MPH = sound is LOUD.
    2) Driver window up, passenger window down, 10-15 MPH = sound not so loud.

    Other info/background:
    1999 (and a half) 1500 Z71 4x4 5.3L with 6" Rough Country lift, 315/75R16 Nitto Mud Grapplers. Stock gears.
  2. j cat

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    the question I ask is are the hubs china crap ? if so that may be the reason. make sure you properly torqued the HUB NUT . I believe its 157 FT LBS. no air guns allowed.
  3. Hubs are from Napa ($129/ea), the first ones I got we're the cheap China junk. The big nut is properly torqued to 157 (+5/-0) ft/lbs. I don't use a lot of air tools. Was raised without them, so don't tend to use them now. haha
  4. j cat

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    check the transfercase fluid for trac II fluid to be blue in color. if the fluid is black the sound is most likely this.
  5. Are the rotors being warped a possibility?
  6. j cat

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    No ! but it is possible that the brake pads were installed wrong. clips could be making the sound. or the brake pads are worn out. since you just worked this, I doubt this would be it, BUT ?

    after the tranfercase check then the U joints . are the U joints straight or at an angle. the more angle the faster the failure.
  7. I haven't worked the brakes since I bought the truck two years ago. Where can I get the Trac II fluid? Are there any replacements for it, like Royal purple or Lucas?
  8. j cat

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    GM Trac II is a GM dealership fluid .secret formula. why is the fluid black ? what about brake pads worn ?
  9. So I just checked the fluid and it wasn't blue...was black.

    On the passenger side, one of my pads looks like it's wearing pretty heavy, and my driver side caliper has a little play in it (side to side).

    Is that normal to have some play. Shouldn't it be solid? I know now the culprit is most likely the transfer case. I checked my front pumpkin as well and the little gear oil in it was blackish-brown. So looks like I need to change transfer case fluid, front diff oil, and front pads. Anything else I should look for while I'm at it?

    Can I just go into a Chevy dealer and order that transfer case fluid? I found something on Summit Racing's website that says it's the right stuff, but should I go with that or the stuff from Chevy?
  10. GM Customer Service

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    Hello there,

    If you private message me your zip code I can do some research and I can find out if you can or cannot order the Transfer Case Fluid from your local Chevrolet dealership.

    Jennifer T.
    GM Customer Care

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