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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by mowerboy1000, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. mowerboy1000

    mowerboy1000 Member

    I am in the market fo ra new bed cover. What is everyone using and how do you like it. I want to get something that is nice but isn't going to kill me on price. I looked at Truxedo, is anyone using this type of cover, and if so how do you like it.
  2. CoDaChrome

    CoDaChrome Rockstar 100 Posts

    I am really happy with my bed cover its a freedom tonneau I have seen a little better gas mileage from it but not very much maybe 2 miles per gallon
    You can pick one up for 150-200 bucks
  3. Rumpamuro

    Rumpamuro Rockstar 100 Posts

    i know here in canada we got a company called A.R.E. and they are fiberglass tonneau covers, they garauntee 10% better fuel economy or your money back. and the dealer i went to said if it does absolutely nothing and u bitch and complain they may let you keep it since its already painted, used, etc.
  4. 06rado

    06rado New Member

    Buddy has a Roll"n"Lock cover on his 04 F-150. Nice unit. Paid 1600 CDN installed at Sun Downer in Bothwell ONT. No doubt cheaper to buy direct & install yourself. Their home page is
  5. ukrkoz

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    Trucl Bed Covers And Mpg

    been proven that trucks get better mileage driving without any covers and tailgate up. bed creates a vortex of a kind that, actually, reduces drag.
    don't go for a canopy, unless you have to. blocks view badly and is very awkward to deal with.
    i am planning on a fourfold one for my silverado. i asked folks with one piece tonneau, and they are not happy as it takes truck bed use away for "truck" purposes, like dropping a yard of dirt in. also, they say it's awakward to remove.
    i had very good impressions from a trifold owner, who happened to be a female. she said that she can open it which ever way she wants to, and takes a click to fold all three and take them off.
    they run anywhere between 500 to 1200 bucks.
  6. tj_merrett

    tj_merrett New Member

    i have one that came with my truck. thats not this brank but the same concept and i love it.. it keeps it dry and secure.. highly recomended but i do realize they cost more.. but mine also came with the truck. (thank God!)
  7. ctruhn

    ctruhn New Member

    I posted this on another thread on these forums but check out Retrax. It is kinda like the RollNLock that rado mentioned but just from browsing around their website and looking at pics I think I like the Retrax better. Basically it is a hard top cover that rolls into a canister at the cab end of the bed for access to the bed. It has the nice look and durability of a hard tonneau cover but with the usability of a softtop. I really like the looks of a good hard top cover but I actually use my truck for truck purposes and it makes it a hassle with taking the cover off (I live alone and in an apartment).

    I just put one on my 07 Silverado yesterday and it cost me $995 US shipped. Takes about an hour to install with just a phillips screwdriver and a 9/16 wrench. Once I find my camera I will take some pics and post them up. Check it out at

    EDIT - I just realized that I have posted 3 times on these forums and all 3 have been about this cover. I don't work for them, I swear! Just a happy customer.
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  8. ras

    ras Rockstar

    whatever you do pay the extra 100 bucks to get a nice one my father inlaw got the cheepo and everytime it gets cold the buttons dont hold and you cant put it back on till it warms up. so do youself a favor and stay away from the bottons
  9. unplugged

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    At work some of the F150 Fords (oops I said the f word!) were set up with the Roll Bak cover from BAK Industries aluminum 'hardtop' roll covers. Seem to get the job done, and I'm just a little jealous that I didn't get one on my Silverado. I think the company paid something in the $800 range for them.

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