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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Mr Dragon, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Mr Dragon

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    Okay, I have read all the scoop and poop on spray-on bedliners. I was looking for some feedback on BEDRUG. It looks much better than the sprayon liners I have seen and it really seems to be a better liner and of course is less expensive, doesnt fade, soft like carpet. Any thoughts?:neutral:
  2. DarkCherry

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    i am curious as well. I still havent decided. I went on bedrugs website and got them to send me a sample of the material. After looking at the material I am not quite sure how it would do during hunting season, with fur and blood on it. I have seen a few with the bed rug and it looks good, just not sure how they hold up.

  3. TRPLXL2

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    I had a Bed rug on my last truck and I loved it, before that I had the drop in liner and that was horrible and I am not a fan of the spray in liners. The carpeting is very soft marine grade carpeting, and is very comfortable when camping. I had a truck tent that sat in the bed, and the Bed Rug was actually a nice buffer from the cold metal floor. It has about a 1/2 foam pad underneath of it to cushion stuff, and then it is a two piece design. The bottom is one solid piece and the sides zip onto the bottom, it is a heavy duty zipper and is seamless once it is zipped up. Now as far as wear and tear I can't say much, because my truck never hauled anything more than boxes or groceries. I would think the blood would stain it, even though the Bed Rug is scotch guarded from the factory.

    The only problem I had with mine was the tail gate piece, if your tonneau cover doesn't seal 1005 which mine didn't the tailgate piece will fall off. It is held on with velcro to the tailgate, and from the coolness and moisture getting to the tape it eventually fell off and every time I would open the tailgate it would flap all over the place. Velcro is also what holds the rest of the Bed Rug in, so just be aware that you will have many many strips of sticky stuff to take off if you ever decide to remove it.

    Here's a picture of mine:

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  4. s5belford

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    I've only seen the bed rugs in trucks with caps or hard tonneau covers, not sure how they would hold up with out a cap, I kind of like them though. I also really like my gm plastic bedliner A LOT better than spray on crap. Good luck with the hunt!
  5. anthonyl9

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    I have the Bedrug with a tonneau cover and love it. I also dont haul much other than the occasional trip full of gear to camp... good luck with the search
  6. Mr Dragon

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    Thanks for the input

    I am pretty certain I will be going with it. I talked with a guy at the Bass Pro Shops, he is a guide for bird hunting. He has one on his Jimmy and he loves it. He said nothing stains it that he has had in the back, his is 2 years old and looks like new. He has a topper on his truck, but he says he tosses birds back there and pretty much anything he wants to. He said even bad smells dont linger if you use soap and hot water to wash it out. He even hauled greasy ATV parts and it washed right out. I dont hunt and probably will not abuse it anyway, so I'm gonna go for it. Its cheaper than a spray on and can be removed if you want to.:glasses:

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