Bed tiedowns for 2010 Sierra

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Garyp, Jun 16, 2010.

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    Have Wade bed rail protectors on my 2010 Sierra and I want to install stake hole tie downs. Called and asked one place if the retractable Bull ring tiedowns would work with these rail covers. I was told that they would so I got them and they will not work. The cutout in the rail cover is square and the plastic cover part of the tiedowns is rectangular. I sent them back. What kind will work? Thanks
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    Here's another option that is a little bit stronger than the stake pocket ones. The sheet metal on the bed is so thin the stake pocket tie down mounts really move around and I wouldn't trust them personally. I do have these on my truck and I think they're more secure since they don't use the expanding rubber blocks that almost all of the stake pocket tie downs use. These mount in the holes inside the truck bed that are used to mount the utili-trac rails (or whatever they're called, the aluminum rails that are optional on the inside of the truck bed). There are places for 3 of these on each side and 3 more across the front of the truck bed, usually covered by little plastic pieces that pop out. If you have a hard plastic bed liner these might not work though. Bed Accessories&hdnPartType=Tie Down Anchor&
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    Tie down anchors for 2010 GMC Sierra

    Had no luck with the links but suppose to get another pocket type anchor tomorrow that is suppose to work so will see. I guess at this point I'm mostly looking for something that is going to hold the bed rail protectors in place. I do not recommend Wade ABS protectors. One side stuck down good but the other side apparently was warped and will not stay stuck down. I've taken it back to the installer three times..Really bad advertising for Wade and the seller/installer. If I was not getting anchors to hold them in place I'd be at least insisting that they replace the cap on the passenger sdie..I'd tell anyone to try EGR or something other than Wade. All Wade said was that the warranty was void because the installer put two small screws at the front. The installer said the warranty was not void because every one he had sent back had screw holes in them---Then he immediately said BUT I have never had to send any back...sooo both stories can't be true. Looks like I got bad caps and a bad seller/installer..I don't trust them anymore.

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