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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by 1flyfisher, Jun 7, 2010.

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    I had TWO of these sent to me, and BOTH didn't fit and were defective. I specifically ordered a new 2010 GMC Savana without any floor covering from GM so I could put this BEDRUG in. I deleted the floor covering from the vehicle order. I ordered these through Summit racing. It took weeks to get here and was defective. In the rear behind the drivers side wheel well it was 3 inches too long. In front of the driver side wheel well it was half an inch too short. In front of the passengers side wheel well it was also 3 inches too wide. Along the cargo door entrance area it was a half inch too wide. I returned the first one to Summit Racing they were great and very helpful trying to make everything right. They ordered me a new one from the company.

    It came today....after another week and a half waiting and my van still not ready for summer/flyfishing vacation and the SAME lousy fit. It is AGAIN Defective and it doesn't fit right and was too wide or too short the same as what I wrote above. I called the BEDRUG company. They totally sucked. The customer service woman had no clue how to figure out what was wrong with either their product or how to go about getting me (a third) a proper fitting cargo liner for my 2010 GMC Savana. She had no problem solving skills. Zero zilch. The quality control manager or someone needed to be contacted to see why the product was not fitting correctly and why it was defective and how to get me one that fits correctly. She wanted me to send it back AGAIN for the second time. But had no idea of what to do next to get me one that fits.

    So all in all I waited 6 weeks+ to get a carpet/bedliner. WAiting for the carpet to go in held up the rest of my van customization. I have to build and put in a platform bed so I can camp. I already have the memory foam mattress delivered and in the van ready to be cut to size and a platform bed built. I need the carpet in first then I can build the bed. I couldn't wait another few weeks to get another one sent that the customer service rep could not figure out if it would fit correctly or not.

    They were unwilling to do anything to resolve their poorly fitting product issues.

    BEDRUG is a Terrible fitting product. Bedrug company has Terrible customer service.

    Let me add some pics so you can see what I am talking about.

    I called them before I ordered my GMC. They told me the rug will come to the back of the front seats.

    You can see it is 2-3" too wide where it meets the wall and it does that iin the back too. You can also see it overlaps the entry by 1/2" in this pic.

    1/2" overlap of the cargo door entry area.

    3" too wide and improper fit all along the rear where it meets the plastic.
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    WOW I'm sorry to hear this.. I've had 2 in my past Avalanche's No problems....The fit was perfect even with the Midgate...
  3. 1flyfisher

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    Consider yourself lucky.

    The CS rep couldn't explain why it didn't fit. I don't understand why the problem could not be resolved with them being able to figure out IF they could get me one that fit my 2010 Savana correctly.
    If I was working there I would contact my immediate supervisor or a person that could figure out the problem. Somebody should be able too in the company.

    I wanted them to send me one that fits and then I will send this one back in the box from the correctly fitting rug.
    But they wouldn't do it.

    I need carpet right now. I have to get out fishing now before it gets too hot and the hatch is over.
    They sent me two already both fit the same.
    The first one took weeks to get here.
    I can't screw around with this anymore.
    Now I'm stuck with this ****ty fitting BEDRUG.

    I ordered my 2010 GMC without floor covering so I could pop this product in.
    The bedrug doesn't even come to the back of the front seats.

    I can cut it in places but I can't make it longer in the front and fit the way I was told it would all the way to the back of the front seats. It is short almost a foot.

    I'll try to find someone there that gives a **** about their products, customers and sales and profits and see if they want to make things right.
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  4. Enkeiavalanche

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    I have sent this post to a friend of mine from Wise. But they no longer own Bedrug I got this from her...

    Glenn, Wise Industries sold the BedRug division 14 months a go to the THI Group however I will forward this information to them.

  5. 1flyfisher

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    I will talk to Summit Racing(they have been helpful with getting me the second one sent) and see if they know who I can contact at Bedrug to see if I can get one that fits. Then I am going to have to disassemble and remove a platform bed if I can get one that fits. I can't get another bad one. This has all been a real pain in the a$$.

    I got the interior paneling kit from wise. Bedrug is now a separate co I was also told.
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  6. Enkeiavalanche

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    My bedrug is only in the bed. I have Huskyliner floor mats all around..
  7. 1flyfisher

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    I bought a custom carpet for the front as you can see in the pics.
    I ordered an Avery's Custom fit Berger carpet for the front.
    It fits perfect.
    If the BEDRUG came to where it was supposed to, behind the seats, the two would meet and I wouldn't have that big 12" gap of vinyl floor....:grrrrrr:

  8. 1flyfisher

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    Here's my rig
    2010 GMC AWD SAVANA Cargo Van.
    5.3L, 3.42 Gears, Locking Rear Diff, American Racing ATX Series Chrome Assaults, BF Goodrich T/A KO's
    Alpine ida-x303 with remote, Alpine SPS 600 speakers
    Coverking Custom Neoprene seat covers.
    42" Hehr International Slider windows put in by Sportsmobile
    Crappy fitting BEDRUG! LOL:grrrrrr:

  9. 1flyfisher

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    Well here's the latest.
    No help from the Bedrug company what so ever.
    I went back to the local Summit Racing retail store and the store manager tried to work with these people to try and get me a proper fitting BEDRUG. He contacted them but they were difficult and just were unwilling to try and figure out what is wrong with their floor pattern for their product as far as fit. The store manager tried to get me a THIRD Bedrug from them that fit right but they (Bedrug) had no idea if it would be any different from the other two that didn't fit. So we decided we shouldn't bother trying to order another one from them because they had no answers and just didn't care and it was likely that a thrid would fit poorly as well. The Summit racing manager was a real good customer service guy and made a great effort to try and fix the problem. He decided too give me a few bucks off. I will cut it where I can but I can't make it 12" longer where it is too short behind the front seats. I finally was able to get my bed built. The wood shed some splinters and I took it too the local car wash for a vacuum. The rug is already shedding material.
    Had I known the multitude of head aches I was going to have with this I would have NEVER ordered this product. I would have just bought some nicer indoor outdoor gray carpeting and cut it to fit myself and saved some $$$ and headaches.
  10. Chevy Girl

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    Wow, sorry about the hassle with that, I've heard good things from them before, maybe since they got bought and sold?

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