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  1. mudpuppy

    mudpuppy New Member

    just got the wiring done and closed up the front panel to the new power house amp/batt box with a 2nd prototype beast amp installed. tomorrow im going to be hooking the subs back up and running new 12Gauge wire to all of the doors. i currently have 16gauge for the doors speakers and my plans for the doors require a step up to atleast 12gauge.

    now just to give some insite on what im calling the power house since my cam is dead atm. its a box roughly 3cuft is size. both prototype amps and 2 planets audio amps(for mids). the prototype amps are mounted one on the roof of the box and 1 at the top of the front panel. i fabricated new back plates for each with a brush-less 2.5inch fan in the middle of the plate blowing into the amp cases with 6 output ports place at critical heat points. in the drivers side of the power house i placed a 6inch fan with a filter screen to provide fresh clean air into the power house while flushing out all of the warm air that has been cycled out of the prototype amps. once the 4th sub gets here im going to be running 2 subs per amp at a 1.3ohm load. so each amp will be producing a little over 3000wrms each. due to such i also did some extensive wiring inside of the power house which also houses 2 yellowtop 55ah 970cca batts. between the batteries and the power/ground distribution manifolds that i fabricated i have 4 0gauge ground points, 4 0gauge power points, 5 4gauge power/ground points. then all of the amps are connected to the power/ground distribution manifolds. 2 250amp alts are inroute to replace my current 2 115amp alts. i still have yet to order the rest of the mids and i need to decide what type of mid amps im going to get to power the large number of mids that i plan to run.

    i started this mission some time ago and named this audio build as (operation end game). it appears as if im nearing completion. so long as thing go as planned ill be finished in roughly 25days from now. then it will be time to start saving money to get a motorcycle since pres abomination and the rest of the cronies on the hill are going to see to it that no one can afford fuel for an actual car or truck. ill get the loudest smoking pig of a bike that i can find, snag up a nasty white trash tattooed chick fresh out of prison, dress up like mad max and go cruising around the rich people neighborhoods just so i can see the retarded looks on there retarded faces.
    and oh ya i will do it to. in-case if you haven't figured it out yet, im completely the type of person that will do exactly as i say i will. it can be a scary thing to see when i put my mind to something.
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  2. Coach24

    Coach24 New Member

    not into scary stuff but this I wanna see:rofl:
  3. mudpuppy

    mudpuppy New Member

    new pics to come. just ordered the 4th hdc3 12 d1 today along with 4 more pro audio 6.5's to go with the current 4 6.5's. ordered 2 dd ss3 amps @600 by 1 each to run all of the mids. ordered the start of a custom build for an alternator to charge at 350amps @ 14.5vdc. lots of new wiring to add to the system to help support the new equipment. ordered 2 2inch diameter super tweeters @ 100wrms each. bought new lighting for the head liner to replace the dome light that the audio system broke into pieces. started build my own version of the 490cfm tbi. once im done it will be around 530cfm with fully polished bores and the injector loadx multiplied by 3.2 along with required intake port matching.

    so long as nothing breaks or goes wrong then this will be the completion of my 1.5 year long projected mission. i just got invited th a spl drag this weekend. even though the system is not ready yet i think i might go just to get a true track of how loud it is so far.
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  4. mudpuppy

    mudpuppy New Member

    here are 2 pics of the past few days project. my tbi was nasty and the injectors are starting to fail so i modified and rebuilt a new tbi. the new tbi with my mods flows 562cfm. a pretty good jump from the stock 490cfm. the injectors are modified to flow a slightly higher loadX for the increased cfm. lots of material was removed that just shouldn't be there to begin with. pre-2001 the idea of high air flow was flawed so many of my corrections are using current air-flow concepts. not sure if my injector mods are going to work though. ill find out tomorrow after i do the install. i still have to finish the mods to my 1.25inch spacer plate before i cant mount everything up.

    the tbi on the left is what i just took off of the suburban. on the right is my lil baby.

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  5. mudpuppy

    mudpuppy New Member

    just got done constructing my new aft dome light since the audio system destroyed the original dome light assembly. all ready bench tested it and it works great. very bright. will be installing it in the morning and then time to start building the box for the 4th 12 and running more wire for the electrical system upgrades to come.

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  6. mudpuppy

    mudpuppy New Member

    btw, the injectors worked great. i have a k&n air filter system with the top plate filter to and due to being a tbi it causes a whistle that almost sounds like a vac leak. the polishing of the tbi bores seems to have calmed alot of that noise. its very smooth sounding now. slightly better throttle response and far less throttle required at higher speeds(50-80mph).
  7. Coach24

    Coach24 New Member

    Wow thats great info . How are you doing financially. Any employment opps coming your way? Keep your head up and keep us updated on your projects .:great:
  8. mudpuppy

    mudpuppy New Member

    been doing pretty good for now with money. all the rest of my audio equipment is here and i have been busting my ars the past few days building enclosures, wiring, new mods, and helping my dad with his appliance store all at the same time. since last thursday im getting an average of 4-6 hours home time per day but atleast things are moving along quickly. the enclosure for the 4th sub is all cut out and peiced together to make corrections which none are needed which is rare. tomorrow ill begin the sanding phase to smooth out all the edges to include the port. afterwards assembly will start using industrial liquid nail at every seam(all of this is normal for every box i build) with a 2inch zinc coated dry wall screw every 1.8inches. wood glue for any possible splitting and/or last min corrections. the front plate will be sealed and painted while the rest of the enclosure will be carpeted just like the current 3 sub box. the positioning will be next to the 3 sub box so i simply copied 1 of the chambers specs and will pretty it up the same. all internal corners will have 1.5inch wedges sealed into them to prevent air clap(known as distortion). the front plate will be re-enforced with an additional 3/4inch ldf plate behind it. 2 rod style beams will be mounted mid point internally to prevent side wall flex and (like the 3 sub box) anchor nuts will be installed inside of the enclosure allowing the use of machine screw head type bolts for mounting the sub. all subs are duel 1.2 to 1.3ohm coil subs. every sub will be wired in series on itself and the 2 subs(4 coils) paralleled to 1 prototype amp each running at 1.3ohm load per amp. 2 of the 6 more 6.5's are installed. the other 4 i still need to build new pods for. the 2 dd ss3 600X1 amps are installed to power all of the mids. the 350amp alt will be the last to do item since its still in the construction phase. with any luck ill have the 350amp alt ready for install in about 2 weeks.

    thanks to the warmer weather lately the test run of the a/c system with the new cooling system that i installed was a hit. at 83f ambient the front vent got down to 41f and the rear vents to 58f. this test was done at an idle. when in movement the average a/c will produce up to another 20% cooler temp. if this happens i might have to release some oil and/or under-drive the compressor.

    my estimate of final weight is around 6600lbs once everything is installed. thats about 200lbs over my target weight but ill see how it handles before i start looking at weight reductions. with me and my son along with normal cargo we will be sitting at about 6800lbs. my only real concern is the ability for the frame to handle the weight stress while being used as a daily driver. if all else fails i can replace sections of the frame and suspense with aluminum thus reducing weight while maintaining structural integrity.
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  9. Coach24

    Coach24 New Member

    Dang you got a pile of mods . Can't wait to see the completion
  10. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member

    I'd like to see photodocumentation. :)
  11. mudpuppy

    mudpuppy New Member

    thats a good idea. when im pretty much done with this massive project ill construct a back to back photo album.
  12. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan Administrator Staff Member

    I think I know why your alt went out. :)
  13. Coach24

    Coach24 New Member

    No red flags there . are there? :rofl:
  14. mudpuppy

    mudpuppy New Member

    ya i need to update my list to. i have since changed out the plans a few times since this list. im running about 10times more powerful equipment than whats on this list.
    the bose mids are gone, the 2.0's sounded good but they are gone and ill be placing the 4th hdc3 12 d1 in the suburban in the morning. there will be 10 6.5 AQ pro mids and 2 super tweeters. 4 batteries. 1 stock 115amp alt and currently being put together a 350amp alt(ill be using both). just worked out a deal for a flip out 7inch screen dvd/gps/cd/usb head unit with rear mount camera. my 2 big ars prototype amps will be producing about 5-6k wrms for the 4 hdc3 12's. i have 2 600X1 amps for the mids. and i also have an extra(5th) hdc3 12 that i might get another amp for and mount it up to.

    to top this off i already had enough audio gear that i decided not to use in the suburban to build an entire system for in the tbird. so yes on top of all of this madness i have been also doing some work with my car to. :)

    having ocd in technical applications can get to be rather crazy. or is it that im normal and everyone is crazy :eek:
  15. Coach24

    Coach24 New Member

    :rofl: Yup thats just funny
  16. mudpuppy

    mudpuppy New Member

    well all of my audio system is now installed. the level of sound is mind ripping. i still have some interior projects to finish before photo time and then ill be starting a new thread tittled OPERATION END GAME with back to back pics of pretty much everything i have been doing. the next big projects with this thing will be painting, a custom cowl induction hood and some undercarriage work.
  17. Jeremy09LTZCrew

    Jeremy09LTZCrew New Member

    I don't know why I didn't read this thread sooner. Holy crap that's a lot of work you're putting in that burban. I love seeing that. That's my plan with my 09. As much as I'm interested to see what the 2014 model year has to offer, I've always loved the idea of having a truck that is completely mine in design and customizations rather than the same truck millions of others have. Nice job.
  18. Sierraowner5.3

    Sierraowner5.3 New Member

    quoted for truth!

    mudpuppy, that burban wil be rocking, thats for sure.

    and jeremy, I completly feel ya on making it YOUR truck vs. the same as most everyone else. part of the reason I custom painted the rims I got, so its MY truck vs. a white 05 sierra with rockstars or soemthing, cause those are common, my rims are one of a kind.

  19. Coach24

    Coach24 New Member

    Yup. Nothing like one of a kind , head turning,or scratching, to get the attention of others . Those mos on the burb really will have the burb a rocking as well as anything he passes by with it cranked up
    Video it so we get the full effects
  20. mudpuppy

    mudpuppy New Member

    well thank you very much. the scary part of this is the suburban has maybe 1/50th of the mods and custom fabrications done to it compared to my t-bird. so far the suburban project has only been since about last sept. i spent 3.5 years on the tbird project. i can never sell the tbird to anyone, it has so may mods that even some of the more advanced technicians would be puzzled. for example, custom tuning an obd1 eec. everyone and there dog has and still do tell me it cant be done. all you can do it burn chips. well umm not only do i tune at will, i also have the adaptive learning based on my note book hooked up to the primary eec. because of how far i went with the car it will not go into adaptive learning and will stay in default until the note book is plugged into it. there are 814 perimeters of which i can control and adjust.

    as for the suburban this is just the audio system that is finally drawing to an end. i still have a long list of things to do. 1 of which the engine is in question. i have a few different idea's bouncing around atm. 1 would be to drop a 4.3l v-6 vortec multi-port injection with a rear mount turbo. another idea is another near stock 350 with massively modded heads and an m112 blower or possibly a 1.7 auto rotor blower. all and all im thinking total projects will be done around 2013. the big thing about the audio project is this has so far been the most extreme audio system that i have ever built. still currently working on brake in of the subs and fine tuning the system in general. i attempted a video but my camera is not good enough for such sound levels so the recording just sounds like horrible distortions. i need to find a better camera if i can either way im still going to set up an album just for the project being completed. there will also be alot of mods that can not be soon without opening some things up so im going to attach to the album a full list of mods. and by all means, im not scared to share info on what and how i did things. so if anyone wants to know how something was done, then by all means please pm me and ill work up a response the best i can.

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