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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by Jason2325, Mar 19, 2013.

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    It's been a long times since I've posted or even got on here, looking to get back into it. So I'll start of with sharing a quick story. It was back in mid Feb. when me and two buddys where in south Ga at my hunting land tearing up some dirt roads with my new Nitto tires. Well long story short we probably shouldn't of been driving around that night & I pushed my luck to far and when I hit this small puddle my truck slipped of into the ditch sinking it up to the black plastic trim on the door. We can't open the doors now cause where leaning up against the bank. It's 1 A.M. & we have no one to come pull us out. Let's just saw my truck saw some red lines that night and will not be hitting any small mud puddles on the side of the road. Still a month later I still I'm getting mud out of places you can't even think of mud being. 20130217_102748.jpg IMG_1459.jpg 2013-02-16 20.24.53.jpg IMG_1110.jpg 20130316_155731.jpg

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    The airintake photo was at least 3weeks after the truck was sunk.
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    Ouch!!! Hows it running? I had Mud impacted in my Bell Housing and Alt in my 88 S-10 Blazer many years ago.. Not fun.. Blew my rear 6 months later...
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    Woops! :no:
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    Well today I found out my upper left ball joint(if I remember correctly) is bad. So can't properly aline tires till I fix that. By the way how easy is it to do that? Is it something I can do out of my home garage? Other than that it's running fine. I've pressure washed the crap out of it and got up under it with a screw driver and broke up a lot of dirt clots. Anything else ya'll think I should do to help with this mud run in?
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    Glad to hear everybody was alright. I'd take it to a carwash with a flexible wand and wash the undercarriage down really well. Also I'd check in your air intake tube to see if any dirty water got sucked back.

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