Before i make another mistake on my 87 7.4 tbi R20 Silverado

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by aficio400, Dec 2, 2010.

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    the truck is up and running, but tonight I pulled the last fuel selector valve apart to see how it is built and noticed that it had a motor that made the change. The truck came with a fixed tank switch and not a temporary selector. So my first thought was that i put in a motorized valve years ago and that is why i had problems right away. I have both types of switches so that is easy enough. But my fear is will a temporary switch work on my system? I think if i try to run the fixed switch it will burn the selector valve out again. But i am not sure electrically it can run with the temp switch, it may switch the valve but i do not think i will have power to the pumps. maybe i am off base on this one any help would be appreciated.

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    Found the answer, I remembered that the unit I bought was a kit, for the extra wiring harness and it came with a switch. So I checked them and I have the right setup.

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