Behind grill offroad lights

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by lsutoms, Feb 23, 2012.

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    :sign0018: In Picture 3 did you mount those lights with duct tape? this may belong in the redneck picture thread. :rofl: (yes I am guessing that was for mount alignment but thought it was funny cuz of the other thread):sign0018:

    Ok back on track. that setup is awesome and you did a good job. Sorry lsutoms I have no input for your question but it is something I am looking at doing as well.
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    ROFL about the duct tape, just lining them up, then put the grille back on to see how they looked. I hit up ur reputation button cuz i was laughing so hard. :party:

    Thanks, they are just some cheapies from the ricer section at autozone. I put a stereo deck in a friends car and he bought those for me as a thank you. Not really that bright when it comes to lighting up the road, but in terms of people seeing me coming at night and overall looks they are sweet.

    Right now they are all on one switch on this panel I made for my overhead console. I plan on splitting them up into two different switches, but don't plan on having them automatically come on.

    Not sure on the size, but I will measure them next time I am outside.

    149_1779.jpg 149_1778.jpg
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