Belt and Pulley Issues

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by rransford9, May 29, 2011.

  1. rransford9

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    Hi, my name is Rob and I have a 99 tahoe. It's in tip top shape but I've been experiencing some belt squealing. The belt started ticking while I was driving so I figured it was time for a new belt. I cleaned and degreased the pulleys and installed a quality belt. The ticking stopped but now it squeals when I start the engine. The volt gauge shows 12v in the on position and the belt squeals until it reads roughly 14v. I had my battery and alternator tested, both passed. So I replaced the belt tensioner assembly yesterday and it's still making noise! Very frustrated! I noticed most of the noises coming from the AC compressor pulley. I pulled the fuse and it helped a little bit, any ideas! Kind of a novice truck enthusiast, looking for a more qualified opinion. Thanks!

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    So I pulled the 10amp fuse for the AC and ran the motor for a while and it hardly made any noise. I turned off the motor, put the fuse back in and tuned the motor on again with AC on Max and it was extremely loud. Hope someone can shed some light on this problem.
  2. mudpuppy

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    its possible that your clutch pulley for the a/c compressor might be failing. bypass the a/c temporarily and see if its still making noise. if so then reclock the tensioner and/or get a bigger in diameter pulley for the tensioner. i installed a 40% od pulley on my alt and had to increase the idler pulley to help maintain enough belt down force. these belts can take alot more than what they come with, my t-bird is super charged with massive custom and high output build up, i was burning belts(as in all 3) off none stop. i got tensioner springs for a 97 f-350(3 times more force) and have had no issues since. the current belts have about 20k on them and not even a crack. now that i say that they are going to crack up and blow off while im sleeping tonight.
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  3. murdog94

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    It sounds like your AC compressor is locking up.
  4. mudpuppy

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    thats is also possible, but i have found most (lock compressor) had actually just locked the pulley. once a new pulley was installed they still had life in them. if the compressor is the case make sure to rent or buy a vac pump to evac the system properly. you will know if you did it right or not. if not done correctly the system will only go to about 60ish to 70ish at the vent. if done perfectly with godly hands you could get at or near freezing.
  5. rransford9

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    Thanks guys. Gives me something to do today.Haven't had a 3 day weekend in a long time.
  6. silveradotrailblazer

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    Welcome to the club. Please let us know what you fined.
  7. Bigg Ron

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    If removing the fuse to the A/C clutch didnt stop the noise I would rule out the compressor, sound more like the bearing is starting to fail in the A/C clutch. It has a bearing in the clutch so that the pully can spin free when the clutch id not activated. Would recommend removing the belt and manually spinning the pulley to see if you feel any roughness.
  8. rransford9

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    I removed the belt and spun the AC pulley without any resistance. I tried rotating the drive plate (I guess it's called) and it was very difficult to turn. Not sure if that's normal or part of the problem. I've had the fuse pulled for a couple of days and it's still chirping at start up even with a free spinning ac pulley. Thinking about getting a compressor bypass pulley but I would rather figure out the problem instead of taking the quick fix.

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