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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by TrailFiend, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. TrailFiend

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    in your opinion, what would the best battery for a 99' tahoe 4x4, that will eventually have: roof rack lights/brush guard lights/towing hitch backup led's/400w amp w/ tube style sub? its a daily driver/weekend toy. i dont want to get stuck with a dead battery in the middle of nowhere! also, i need to buy one asap, because mine is dead right now. thanks for the help!:great:
  2. Crawdaddy

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    I'd go with one with the most cold cranking amps that will fit in the existing battery location. Find the "correct" battery for your truck, then look at other batteries that have a similar size to them, looking for more Cold Cranking Amps. Measure how much space you have around the battery tray to see if you can fit a bigger battery in there, and if you can, go for it!. One thing to be mindful of is that the combo batteries with both top and side posts are cool, especially if you have side post batteries so that you can easily add stuff on with the tops posts, but that also adds extra height. height that if it's too tall will contact a big piece of metal....not good. Hope this helps
  3. Cableguy

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  4. TrailFiend

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    is the yellow top better? it seems to be a dual purpose battery. i listed what i need the battery for above, so, would the yellow top be overkill, or just right?
  5. tbplus10

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    Excide spiral cell deep cycle, cost's more up front but well worth the price when your in the boonies.
    Optima Blue (Marine deep cell) would be my second choice.

    Optima red's been having problems when used in situations where they get bumped around, the internal lug connections fail. Optima has corrected the problem on newer Red tops but lots of older Red tops are still on the shelf awaiting the unsuspecting buyer.
  6. Cableguy

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    Really I've never heard that before. Like I said I had 2 reds in my truck them seemed awesome to me. Any model you choose would be fine though, I just found the Optima to have lots of power for me. (I.E leaving my two-radio on at nite by accident and using a 3000watt power inverter in my work van)

    PS. I jump curbs all the time to get at cable boxes...Does that count as off-roading???
  7. TrailFiend

    TrailFiend Rockstar

    thanks for the help!

    i just bought a yellow top D-34/78 - 750 cold cranking Amps (870 cranking Amps) works great. now i have to get my lights ang amp hooked up!

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