Best Bright White Headlights?

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by '99Suburban, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. '99Suburban

    '99Suburban New Member

    Have recently been doing a lot more night time driving and the headlights I have right now really suck. I'm looking for some pretty bright white lights and was wondering if someone could recommend? I don't want the ones with blue/purple tint, just white. My dad's got the blue tinted ones on his f250 and I think it looks pretty stupid. Thanks!!
  2. AMac

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    Sylvania came out with their Silverstar zXe bulb which is supposed to be the whitest within the Silverstar line. They weren't out yet for my aftermarket headlights so I ended up going with the Philips Crystal Vision bulb. They were $26 from Amazon so the price was a lot cheaper than the Silverstars. They're more white than stock but still a little too yellow for me. I had Recon's Diamond white Xenon bulbs in my Sierra and liked them; they're 4300 kelvin. I think that'll be the next bulb I try since those are about $30.
  3. aloxdaddy99

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    I had a set of the ZXE's in my truck and really liked them. The only reason I took them out was I wanted all my lights to be the same color. The ZXE's are a bit on the expensive side but I feel they are well worth the money. I haven't checked in a while but once they have the high beams and fogs available in the ZXE's I will be switching back.
  4. Pikey

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    I had the Piaa extreme white plus bulbs in my 03 yukon xl. They were 4300K. Very white. Some say that they have a blue tint. I did not notice any. I have been told by a few managers at the local parts stores that the Zxe bulbs and silverstar ultra bulbs do not last very long. They do have a one year warranty, but they said that they come back between 6-11 months all the time and getting sylvania to honor the warranty in a long process. If they honor it at all. Right now I have a set of 9011 HIR bulbs in my yukon. They are 3800K, So not super white,(I don't know that the human eye can deceiver the difference between 4300 and 3800K) but they are 2300 Lumen compared to a standard 9005 bulb that is around 1100 lumen. They are really bright, I had to lower my headlights because the reflection off street signs was blinding me. I hope to be writing a review and comparison between the stock 9005 and 9011 HIR bulbs very soon. I bought them at From the research I did the phillips bulbs that amazon sell are a different model then the phillips bulbs that candle power sells. Max lumens are made in germany while the amazon are made in china, The candle power are supposedly brighter and last longer.(same 9011 number)
  5. Enkeiavalanche

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    I have the Silverstar ZXE's in my lows and Highs for about 10 months now. I got some of the first made by them.. So far they are still in and no burn outs.. If you search around you will see the post of where I gave away some a while back..

    They Very white True they are a little $$$$ But thats what you pay for a good Bulb...
  6. '99Suburban

    '99Suburban New Member

    Alright thanks, think I'm gonna go with the ZXE's. My friend has them on his yukon and the looked pretty bright without a blue tint. Appreciate all your responses!!

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