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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by ippielb, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. ippielb

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    Hello everyone, i appologise for all the new threads i've been starting, but I've made up my mind that the first thing that I'm going to do with my truck is to get dual exhaust. I got lucky with my windshield, the big crack goes horizontally accross the bottom for the middle 1/2 of the windshield then it spikes straight down, so i don't have to replace it just yet. Now, for my topic. I'm looking at getting dual exhaust. And I'm looking for some first hand experience and knoledge of what ehausts are good and what ones are bad. I have a little idea on what i was looking to get, but it's still mainly in the air. I'm looking at getting some Flowmaster Series 44's. on 2.5" pipe or maybe 3". these would be true duals. Not split. And get them to go out on 45*'s out the corners of my back end. And another undecided thing is my tips. I was kind of looking at getting Diesel exhaust tips, the ones that look like big funnels. Or sticking to a traditional chrome or stainless polished tips to really accent the exhaust.

    Thanks for all the reading, and your support on my undecided exhaust.
  2. zachh1020

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    It really depends on whether you want a deep sound or performance. Exhaust was and will always be the first thing I do to any of my trucks. :lol:

    A true dual system with a Flowmaster muffler is just going to give you good sound with a nice rumble with just a little performance increase. I had Flowmaster on my 2002 Silverado and I liked it...until I wanted more. :great:

    If you want wide open performance and window shattering sound to go with it. You'll want true dual straight pipes after the cats. It really makes a statement.

    A true dual system with glass pack mufflers will give you wide open performance, but just deepens the sound and gives it a little rumble.

    I currently have true dual straight pipes after the cats. No mufflers. Mine are set up extreme style, 45 out the corners. Stainless steel angle cut tips. I like it a WHOLE lot better than my Flowmasters. Great performance and LOUD! It turns heads. I wouldn't have it any other way. :lol:
  3. Dr_Zero

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    Find a good muffler shop and talk it over with the guys they know about the size pipe and the different setups from schooling and first hand knowledge.

    Listen to the different exhaust out there and decide what you are going for do you want here are just a few examples.

    A) Loud obnoxious pipes that set off car alarms and wake up the neighborhood

    B) Deep throaty rumble at idle loud when you take off makes folks look

    C) Deep throaty rumble at idle with a kind growl on take off makes maybe a head turn to check it out just to see what you got

    D) Kinda loud at idle louder at take off with the occasional pop and crackle especially when slowing down

    Me personally I like the deep rumble with a kind of growl but not loud and brassy a more mellow tone but you know its not stock.

    Also get a H or X pipe put in I know many say its now true duals with it but it helps to equalize the pressure in the system and for me I had less blown header gaskets with it.
  4. Dr_Zero

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  5. ippielb

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    I would like a deep rumble that echo's but doesn't snap and crackle, my thoughts are that sounds cheap. What i really want is an exhaust like my friends. i got a video(i didn't take the video, the person who did is an idiot.)

    I would like B, and for the H or X pipe, how much would i be looking to add onto the price with one?

    [ame=""]YouTube - Friend revin his truck[/ame]

    That's what i want my truck to kind of sound like, i love the way his truck sounds. Just less snapping when it get's to high RPM's. I love the way it idle's with the "bmff bmff puff" stuff. lol I can't type what it sounds like.
  6. bzboardco

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    We all have opinions and that is what makes us different, but I really think that truck sounds bombed out and I don't like it. If you like it then don't listen to me :neutral:
  7. bzboardco

    bzboardco Rockstar 100 Posts

    One other thing about exhaust. You may have the exact same truck same setup as someone else but if your exhaust is new and theirs is a couple years old the sound will be different because exhaust (especially flowmaster) sounds better the longer you have it on your truck. I know over the three years I have had mine it has gotten alot deeper and louder. Just be careful looking on youtube at exhaust as it could be misleading as far as new versus old. Just my 2 cents :glasses:
  8. adampaul1964

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    o.k. , here's my two cents! i've had a gibson system on my '94 GMC Sierra and currently on my '05 silverado and i've been very happy with both, of course the 350 sounded a little better than 5.3 but both had that deep throaty rumble and growl at takeoff that Dr Zero is talking about
    I don't like the sound of that truck either, but to each his own, I always say maybe I'm just gettin old! lol
  9. Dr_Zero

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    Glass packs have that crackle pop sound so you wouldn't want them LOL

    Here are some pipes you can look at

    The magnaflow and borla

    Check out the sound of the borla V8 muscle that is more my speed :glasses:

    You can get that with other than borla parts also with mufflers and resonators and that is where a good shop can help you customize the sound and the flow to your ride.

    Check this out and see how the whole system works together there really is more to it than just grabbing a muffler and putting it on.

    Most of us have learned (the hard way) over the years from our first time with a cherry bomb and them some headers and a cherry bomb to straight pipes (that is horrible) to something that sounds and works good at the whole RPM range.

    Nothing like taking a trip and the drone of the exhaust is just grating on your nerves after a hour or so :lol:
  10. Dr_Zero

    Dr_Zero Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    You aren't the only one LOL funny how things sounded good 20 years ago now you are like darn cant they afford some mufflers :lol:

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