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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Brennen Cline, Mar 23, 2017.

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    Just purchased my first Chevy truck ever . Always been a ford guy till i drove and purchased this truck and absolutely love it . My question is in your opinions what is the best bang for your buck and sound when it comes to exhaust . My last 3 trucks were diesels so i have been out of the gasoline exhaust game for a bit . I used to run Flowmaster systems in previous gas trucks (american thunder series) . I am looking for that american muscle sound that has that rumble but doesn't have that high end cackle . Nor do i want it to sound like i just fired up Dale Earnhardt's NASCAR lol. So what are your opinions ? Always will have custom tuning and cold air intake to follow
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    Anything magnaflow. I used to be a flowmaster guy and unfortunately still have one on my truck. My truck sounds mean and is quiet enough inside the cab. But I have heard a lot about flowmaster doing the opposite of what an aftermarket should do performance wise. Most folks suggest magnaflow. What about LTH to go along with it? Long tubes are my next upgrade along with the mag exhaust.
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    Corsa is the best. Now if you are looking for a budget exhaust... We put a summit racing aluminized exhaust on my sons truck three years ago. Still solid.... Just replaced one hanger... And sounds nice.
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