Best programmer? Chevy Silverado 1500 6.0 Max

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Judson, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. ippielb

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    EFI Live is the best program that money can buy.
  2. Metaluzc

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    Well diablew aka 06MonteSS, will do a custom tune for your vehicle for a small fee, $105 I believe. You e-mail him a few logs of your vehicle after you install the DSP, and then he adjusts parameters to help unleash even more HP than the DSP can do with the canned tunes. He has quite a few testimonials about his ability to tweak a tune to make your truck into a beast.
  3. 06MonteSS

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    Yeah man... I'll getcha MOVIN'!! ;-)
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  4. jwco5.3

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    Both are great products. We are simply comparing apples to oranges here. Diablosport is a phenominal bang for the buck, and will suite most needs. but get into extensive mods like Cams or anything.... and you will need a tune that Diablosport can not support (correct me if I'm wrong). I would be happy to say that JennaBear and 06 Monte are both at the top of their game..... but they play slightly different games.

    My opinions come from tuning turbo cars. its the same difference as piggyback tuners and standalone tunes. both do their job, but hardly comparable.
  5. 06MonteSS

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    k... I'll correct ya...

    yes, you can get custom tunes done for the diablo programmer, to support anything... cams, turbos, superchargers, etc etc... a Diablosport CMR custom tuner has diablo's tuning software, which is like efi live / hp tuners - which gives them access to everything in a tune file....

    using that software, they can create custom tunes for whatever you need... then the custom tune file gets imported into the diablo programmer, and installed to the vehicle... piece of cake... I know, because I am a diablosport custom tuner with their software, and I do custom tunes for people every day... ;)
  6. jwco5.3

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    So you can actually change timing enough with a predator to handle turbo and cams? not sarcasm,,, just shocked.

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    EDIT: Shocked because I have had many piggyback tuners that simply couldnt do it. They were not diablosport products, however.
  7. 06MonteSS

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    yes... with the predator handheld itself, you can adjust the WOT timing, from 1000 rpm to 7000 rpm, from -20% to +15%... or if you get a custom tune done for it by a diablosport CMR custom tuner, the timing in the tune file can be changed to whatever you set it to... the diablo CMR tuning software is like hp tuners/efi live...

    here's the info about a 7193 predator that would be for your 04 truck... shows you the tunes that come on it, the gains, and a list of all the adjustable items you can do yourself with it....

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  8. jwco5.3

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    Very cool. I plan on purchasing one this spring when the funds are available. Thanks Monte
  9. 06MonteSS

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    np man, you're welcome... glad I could help... ;)
  10. silverZ71

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    Who do you email for the custom tunes?

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