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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by lioneyes209, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. lioneyes209

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    just purchased a 1993 silverado as engine donor for a 1989 GMC regular cab short box (fleet side) 4X4 that I plan to buy. the 93 has a real strong 5.7 FI tied to a solid th700r. the 89 has no engine, but the owner says the tranny was just rebuilt, which is good as the tranny from the donor truck will not work in a 4x4. however, in addition to the engine, there are numerous other good parts, that will fit the 89. i currently own a 1979 chev 2wd base (regular box) with great restoration potential. it has a in-line 6 with auto trans. NOW the questions - in your opinion, which way would you go from this cross road a) buy the 89 GMC and install the engine or b) slide the engine and tranny into the 79 chev and restore. my main concerns at this point in time is - project compexity (i have limited skills) and cost (limited here too) any comments would be appreciated .. thx
  2. Falcone

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    well if the 79 needs a full resto and the 89 is just a engine swap.. it clearly wins in the cost and time choices. but we both know you want the 79 to be cherry again.
  3. lioneyes209

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    guilty as charged ... i just want someone to talk me out of it:neutral:
  4. azdrtdog

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    i agree let that 79 ripen on the vine a little longer (classic wise) but the 89 is prime pickings for beating the snot out of since its a 4x4 and there are plenty of parts. cover the 79 come back in ten years an she'll be ready for a resto and your wallet will be to

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