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  1. Kraziken

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    House batteries? Some of the discussion of batteries is confusing me. Why would you carry a spare in the back? Even if you didn't want to connect it I suppose you could just place it in the tray in the front. I think it is less of a hassle if you can just switch the connections on the fly and motor on if you are stuck.

    GMT400, GMT800 and current (GMT900) I believe they all have dual battery trays under the hood.
  2. roadtripster

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    Hi Kraziken,
    I do plan to put the extra battery under the hood and hook it up.
    There are two battery trays already? Are they both used for batteries to power the stock rig or is that 2nd tray empty for people like me? :)
  3. Kraziken

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    Tray is just empty. Might as well use the space right? :)

    I added a dual battery setup and I'm currently using the Painless wiring digital power manager.

    Although I'm thinking of switching it to the manual switch. I've had my Burb completely drained when the kids leave their headset DVD players plugged in. With the cigarette lighter outlet always powered it drains all the power. I'd like a manual switch so I can completely isolate the second battery.
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    Any updates with this, what did you end up doing?

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