Best speakers for a 1999 suburban

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  1. '99Suburban

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    Just bought a kenwood excelon stereo for the Burban and was wondering what the best speakers are? I have the six speakers in mine, two on the front doors 2 on the rear doors and two on the back ceiling. I want to get the best speakers possible for under 600
  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    Well first off with that radio it has a built in Crossover. So you can cut off the Bass at a level that would not cause distortion in the factory speakers and inturn you can turn up the volume and have a cleaner sound. BUT if you do want new speakers and not going to add an amp I would say run over to Sound Waves on Rt46 ask for Joe and to get some JL Audio TR650CSI's for the front door and 650's for the back IF they will fit if to deep try the TR525's. They both will give you an even sound with some nice midbass without an amp... As for the rear roof 4x10's disconnect them not worth replacing.. If you need a hand PM me we are close enough.....

  3. '99Suburban

    '99Suburban New Member

    Alright thanks man sounds good!
  4. Enkeiavalanche

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  5. blackburb

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    You don't need to skip the rear speakers. Get a nibbler and cut the holes to fit a quality 6x9 up there. It really adds a nice rear fill. I skipped the rear doors in mine and was very happy. (I always have the rear seats folded down and the third seat out)
  6. Enkeiavalanche

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    With the amount of power the radio puts out I would not do that. (22watts RMS) All you will have is a Big Tweeter Most good 6x9's want 40 watts and up to give you any good midbass..In such a long truck you will be better off doing the 4 doors. A good coax for the rear and Comp's for the front..IF you are going to amp then we could do better...
  7. blackburb

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    The interesting thing about sound, is how subjective it is. That's why there's such a variety of equipment out there. I've done this and I know it works. Here's why: rear fill is "typically" not supposed to be noticed unless it's missing. It adds ambiance to the sound field. Therefore, it doesn't need to be as loud as the front stage. Having the speakers up at head level rather than down in the doors works quite well for this. The distance behind you actually adds a small amount of delay - something built into every single surround sound system (I'm talking surround for music, not movies) because it mimics the reflections you'd hear in a concert hall. And our Burbs are almost as big as some concert halls
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    a really good place to find good speakers at a cheaper price than most actually stores is bigger flea markets.. alot of shops will come out advertise their equipment out there such as subs and speakers and radios and will sell them 25%-50% off just a suggestion.. i bought a full set of 4 kenwood speakers for my old truck and a sony xplode radio for about 450

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