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Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by unplugged, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. unplugged

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    Getting stuck offroad is usually not very amusing when you are in the middle of it, but afterwards you can manage to laugh a little. Post your tales of woe here.:eek:

    My most recent was when a co-worker was following me down a dirt road at night, and he didn't see the ditch on the right side of the road. He high centered his ford. (yes found on road dead) The funny part was when the tow truck had finished pulling him out, the tow truck was backing down the same road and got himself stuck. Tow truck #2 was able to get the other tow truck out with a bit of work.

  2. TrailLeadr

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    That's not a ditch, it's a black hole. It sucks everything in.:tongue:
  3. KD7ONE

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    My favorite "stuck" story didn't happen to me. It happenned to some soldiers in Iraq during Desert Storm:

    Some guys in a Humvee got stuck in the sand. A little while later along comes an Iraqi tank.

    The Iraqis pull them out with the tank, and then surrender to the American soldiers.
  4. terry0341

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    I was out hunting with my wife and wanted to show off the 4x4 capabilities of my 1998 1500 silverado. "Always scout an area before the snow falls if you plan on showing off there later". I went off the side of the road crossong the area between the road and the tree line and completly grounded my truck"no wheels touching the ground" in a ditch. Knowing of course that I a former Marine, this is just a temp problem that I can overcome with my great driving abilities! After about an hour of brainstorming and my wifes sides hurting from laughing so hard, a furniture truck came by and pulled me out with a strap they had. Then my wife and I drove home at about 5 milies an hour because I had fried the tranny with my great "driving abilities" $1900.00 later and we have not been 4 wheelin much since!
  5. TrailLeadr

    TrailLeadr Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I used to go off road at the "power lines" nearby my work while on my lunch break. I talked a friend of mine who had a wrangler into going along. We decided to take the trek a little further than usual, so it was new territory for me. I was always proud of the fact that my truck went through anything and everything. I was especially proud since it was only a 1/2 ton 2wd. Of course I was typically hauling A$$ up the hills, and steep slopes, where 4x4's would be crawling slowly up them.

    But this new area had some high, but not wide humps. His jeep made it over just fine, but I got hung up on it. He had to jump up and down in the bed of my truck so that we could rock the drive wheels back onto the ground.

    So, it's not exactly a really bad situation, but I'd say it's the worst I've ever had. Never really been stuck since then. Maybe I'm just more cautious now.
  6. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I've never been stuck. :cool:

    I've had friends that have been stuck though. I think I typed on in here in the past, let me see if I can find it and just cut and paste.
  7. ChevyFan

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    We went camping in the Sand Dunes of Moses Lake, Washington about 15 years ago. One of my buddies had a '72 blazer and it was August so we had the top off, etc. He ended up going through a water hole and got stuck in the middle becuase someone in front of him got bogged down and he had to stop.

    10 minutes underwater to the hood, we pulled it out with a long tow-strap, popped out the plugs and turned it over a few times. Water came pouring out! We let it dry for 2 days and put the plugs back in, let it idle for a couple of hours and everything was fine. We drove back to Seattle with no problems. lol.
  8. ChevyTech

    ChevyTech Rockstar

    My story begins with my girlfriend driving down from Maine in my '79 Jeep Cherokee. Her and her friend went on a side road to avoid construction and got stuck in a ditch facing downwards into a shallow ravine. A local was driving by in his Dodge p/u and tried to pull her out using a chain I have in the back. Well he tried for like 20 min to get her out and bent his bumper up doing so (HAHAHA never send a dodge to do anything but look pretty) did I mention it was a Hemi.:biggrin: So he left to get some help and returned with a friend. Now here is where it gets funny, they hook up and go to pull her out but my g/f forgot to put the car in reverse to lighten the pull load and left it in drive and hit the gas, there by pulling the light duty wrecker in the ravine with her. It took 5 hours and a semi wrecker to get them out. Damage aquired to vehicles 600 bucks on my jeep 200 bucks on the wrecker and one badly bruised ego of the guy in the Hemi Dodge. He was a nice guy though and I thanked him for his efforts as I pulled up in my old 2004 Chevy 3500 dually crew cab Diesel. :biggrin: God I miss that truck.
  9. unplugged

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    "King of Stuck"

    At work they call me the "King of Stuck" Needless to say the name is accurate. I keep asking them to lift my truck but they say it voids the warranty so they just keep rescuing me instead.:biggrin: Here is a picture of a spot I always drag the frame rails over. Instead of lifting the truck they are contemplating the Tundra since it supposedly has a higher stock ground clearance.
  10. TrailLeadr

    TrailLeadr Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    It seems that your company is more worried about the warranty than their budget. Maybe you should ask them for a raise, since it's obvious they don't mind throwing some more $$ around.

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