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Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by unplugged, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. U-GOT-KIDS?

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    Well I havent done much wheeling myself other than a few times in my Trailblazer which I dont have anymore. But I will say that while out with a few buddies (1 of which is a manager at a jeep dealer near me) in a New rubicon that was a dealer car BTW. We hit up a spot we frequent because it had just stopped raining that day before. Anyway it was night time and we came up to a what we thought was a shallow ditch filled with fairly mucky mud/water what not. After about 5 mins of deciding to go through it, we charged ahead and literally stopped dead as soon as we hit the substance. It was all bad, the jeep had a 3" lift on it with 32 or 33" tires but still managed to stuff the half of the hood underwater. We had to dig into the mud to get to the winch mounted on the front of the jeep to try and winch us out. But we couldnt winch straight thru the muddy water so we had to call up a buddy who pulled us back out.

    What was the worst part is that the truck was running like CRAP when we were driving home. We tried to clean it off as best as possible before he had to take it back to work. Turns out they had to replace the motor because it hydrolocked. The entire intake system was full of muddy water :eek:uch:
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    The worst I ever got stuck was in my own front yard! We had 12" of rain in about 5 hours and our pond was over flowing so I went down to check and clear the overflow pipe. I went in my truck because it was lightning big time. Went back out the same way I went in and sank to the frame. Luckly there was a tree not to far and I winched it out after the lightning stopped. It was the first time I ever had to use a snatch block to winch out.
  3. ChevyFan

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    Not sure how this ended up dying out ...
  4. TexasTechRaider

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    When someone ran me off the road and I flew into the ditch that was nothing but mud. The (right side) Thea's the side in the ditch and it just sank and sank until the frame was about 3 inches in mud. Then the worst thing happened, as I was standing on the road I watched the truck just go right on over to its side (flipped). Thank god nothing got scratched and I'm still driving it. I was blessed that day!
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    This happened last winter I think end of February beginning of March 2011, My truck at this point is a month or so old. Anyways stopped at my inlaws in nowhere NH. With my father in law in the truck we are driving down a snow packed road up towards their new property. Not paying attention, he says I'm good to pass a fallen tree so as I take it wide I fall off the road. Didn't bottom out since the truck has decent ground clearance, had to get pulled out with a 4wd farm tractor from his neighbor down the road.

    stuck in nh.jpg
  6. TexasTechRaider

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    Almost similar to mine.. Drop off wise!

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    Ouch, did you bottom out onto the frame? Hope no damage from this

    I was lucky I was about a month before installing my westin step bars, if they were on I would have destroyed the passenger side one
  8. TexasTechRaider

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    Yup, defiantly bottomed out sadly.. No damage though, everything is still in good shape! This is not the best picture but gets the point across.

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  9. ahmitchell1

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    Sat my cummins on the frame crossing a ditch in the marsh on the back part of my property. It was on 50 inch tires at the tire so I was deep in there. First thing we did was get the old Deere and end up sinking it. We are 2 hours in at this point and have my whole family there. Ended up with my daily driver hooked up to the tractor and my dads old mechinal diesel dually on some actually ground. All in all took about 4 hours and one broke tow hook on my dd. The worst part about it all was having to rebuild the tractor motor, my dad wanted to kill me for that. That was during the Atlanta flooding
  10. jsmith4816

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    It was winter and my girlfriend and I we getting a little hungry so we decided to run to BK. On the way there it started snowing pretty good, on top of the about 8 inches we had already. I went down a seasonal road the led to a boat lunch thinking I would do some doughnuts before dinner. I started out fine on the fresh powder but the further I got in, the deeper my truck sank. I put it in 4low to try and crawl out, but my tires sank so deep that they hit ground and were stuck on some ice. After about 15 minutes of trying to get out i had to call my dad to help me out (I didn't want to accept defeat with my girlfriend in the truck with lol). Dad shows up, a little pissed cause he said not to do anything stupid.My brother and I pushed while he drove and we got out, and proceeded to get dinner lol. Something I will never forget.

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