best trans oil pan(s) for cooling

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by gstadter, Dec 9, 2013.

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    Main question is:
    Looking for advice on which transmission oil pan(s) would do the best job of cooling for my 2003 Yukon XL.

    points to note:
    I do plan to add an additional cooler in front of the radiator at some point, but if it can only do good to have both, I'll do both.
    Build quality is equally as important to me as cooling properties.(don't want to go with a style that is prone to crack or leak, despite better cooling ability)
    The three main manufacturers I've learned of so far are TCI, Derale, B&M.
    The two main types I've seen are fins on the bottom of the pan, or tubes that run through the pan.
    I usually have at least four passengers with me and tow a 28' pontoon boat w/150hp engine.

    any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
    (posting here because I don't believe the question is necessarily vehicle model-specific)
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    IMO....MagHytec makes the Best Aftermarket Transmission Pan, and for a Aftermarket Transmission Cooler, the one to look at is the....True Cool 40K Transmission Cooler, I have both of these items installed on my Silverado, and they both have been a Excellent Investment for my Truck.

    ***Edit......When Towing my Boat with the Small Factory Transmission Cooler, that comes with the Factory Tow Package RPO Code Trans. Temp, were....180, 190 and at times just over 200-Degrees, even tho these numbers were with-in the Specs mentioned in the Owners Manual, I was Not pleased to have my Transmission running at these Temps,

    ***So that is when I starting looking at items that could help bring down these Temps, I then went forward with installing the Mag-Hytec Transmission Pan, my Trans. Temps dropped around 10-15 degrees after installing it......I then installed the 40k Transmission Cooler , and now when Towing my Transmission Temp's Never gone over 150 Degrees!!.......which is around 30/40 Degrees Cooler than with the Factory Transmission Cooler.....
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    I have the derale pan for my 4l80e, it has fins, and cooling tubes running through the bottom of it. It also has a sending unit and bung pre installed, for a temperature gauge for the transmission.i think I paid almost $300 for it, it's also back Krinkle finish.

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