best way to run a coax cable from tool box to the cb

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by bdove, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. bdove

    bdove New Member

    i just got a new cb and firestik antenna and wanted to mount the antenna to the left side of my tool box. what's the best way to run the coax cable from the mount to the cb inside the cab? maybe through the back wall of the cab?
  2. DangerousDane

    DangerousDane New Member

    When I run 0ga wiring for batteries in the toolbox, I'll drill a hole in the toolbox, the bed, and run the wire thru the frame so it doesn't get caught on branches or brush when you're ripping thru the desert.
    I've come into the cab with big wire at the back of the cab but thru the floor by the frame. The firewall works too, better for accessories that go in the dash like CB's.
    Before you drill check twice. Better yet have someone else check too. Esp if you're working on someone else's ride.
  3. 01BlackBeauty

    01BlackBeauty Member

    You could use one of the drain plugs in the floorboard as your entry point. That way you don't have to drill a hole in the body of the truck. Make a slit in the drain hole plug (if it's rubber) and a hole in the center of it for the coax. If it's a metal drain plug drill a hole in it and use a grommet to protect the coax. Use plastic cable clamps to route the coax along the inside of the frame and enter through the drain plug. Run the coax under the carpet along the door sill, behind the kick panel and from there under the dash to the radio.

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