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  1. twofakind

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    I have a 1990 Suburban 4x4 with an automatic transmission and the 350 engine. I love it! I'm wondering what the best year Suburban is? We don't do serious off roading. The 4 wheel drive is just for the few times a year we go to the snow. So I think the solid front axle is a bit of overkill.

    I have done a lot to make this suburban reliable. But as I look at the list of "little" things that I need to do to make it useful to us I am wondering if I would be better off starting with a newer vehicle. There is a bit of play in the steering. I also need working Air conditioning. Do newer ones have less play in the steering? I think I want to stick with the TBI engine because it is so simple and reliable.

    Thanks for your input!
  2. omnisi

    omnisi Rockstar 100 Posts

    We have a '90 as has to be the best year! :glasses:

    We put some $$ into ours as a/c, wheels/tires, and recently $750 on new injectors and a broken valve spring.

    We like the simplicity, solid axels, and old-school character it has. My wife would never get rid of it. Have fun with yours!
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  3. tbplus10

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    Personnaly I prefer the 1990 model, it has the front end I prefer, came with a solid front axle, and was the last year to offer manual locking hubs.
    1991 would be my second favorite due to the front end but their a little harder to find with a manual transfer case. and you have to swap locking hubs in.
  4. bigburb

    bigburb Rockstar ROTM Winner 100 Posts

    Crap! You guys are makin' me miss my old '90 now lol... But yeah definitely 89-91 would be my favorite.
  5. cowboyjarman

    cowboyjarman Rockstar

    i have an 87 but want a 90-91. alot better front ends better axle with higher spline counts.
  6. Crawdaddy

    Crawdaddy All hail the Mad King!! Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    I have a 1991 suburban, but it's 2 wheel drive. I absolutely love the 80s to 91 bodystyle and would not get any other. Also if you want to stay in the range that has TBI your newest year choice would be a 91. After that they went to true fuel injection. Personally I think I'd prefer the solid front axle over ifs.
  7. cowboyjarman

    cowboyjarman Rockstar

    my 87 is TBI the first year for it. wheeling a IFS is hard there very sensetive and have no articulation. most seroius off roaders do a SAS on there rigs and get rid of IFS.
  8. boduke5051

    boduke5051 Member

    Don't know a lot about the different years of 'Burbans as I'm on my first one. It's an '88, and I'm absolutely in LOVE with it. All the comforts of home, (to be honest, I could actually do WITHOUT the power windows), as far as I know, it's got all the options that it could have for that model year. Front Captains Chairs with what has GOT to be the biggest center console I've ever seen, cruise, manual shift 4 Wheel drive, Auto locking hubs, Solid front Axles, 3rd row seat, 350 TBI, Automatic w/ overdrive. Got to be the most dependable truck I've ever owned. almost as much room as a small apartment, handles like a much smaller truck, TONS of power (I'm running 32 X 10.50 X 15's on mine & can still squall the tires on dry pavement if I goose it too much on take off). Still get's surprisingly decent gas mileage for the size of vehicle it is. Fairly easy to work on, parts are reasonable priced. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

    Don't really know what the differences are between mine & a '90 or '91 as some of the guys are promoting, but by far, this is the best truck I've ever owned. If it ever dies, I'll find another one to buy, even if I have to do some work on it to make it driveable.
  9. vncj96

    vncj96 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    1991 would be my pick, was hard to find one in MN with no rust and a good price, so I got a 99. They should have just taken the 94-99 body and left it on the old set-up. A nice blend of new tech motor and creature comforts inside with durability of the old suspension and frame!
  10. Willie G

    Willie G New Member

    I was just thinking today how nice it was to not have all off the crap that the newer Suburbans have - no DRL, airbags, electronic this & that, etc.

    Simple, easy and cheap to fix.

    And no payment book. :glasses:

    Mine turns 20 in three weeks.

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