Best Zombie Vehicle? What would you drive in a zombie Apocalypse? The Walking Dead

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by ChevyFan, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. PantheraUncia

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    Are we talking in real life or if anything was possible?

    In real life The The death star bus would work pretty well:

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  2. SurrealOne

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    Steve already got cranky with people applying real-world scenarios to this (simply look at his earlier posts), so stick to the fantasy land of zombies, as that makes the truly ridiculous (like zombies) ... possible.

    Nimitz class carrier, anyone? It's nuclear-powered, has plenty of fuel (which won't go bad, since we're in movie land) in addition to nuclear power, seats 5000, can carry tons of supplies, AND it's defensible. You just have to clear it of zombie squids before you can take it to sea. And unlike the sub you get plenty of sun on the deck, have additional transportation (planes, helos, etc.), have a few acres on which you can play football, baseball, etc ... and still not come to shore. LOL

  3. BigEarn86

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    Team Work


    Not a bad idea, we could team up, below you will see all of GMTC, surviving against the Z's!!!


    BTW, Two good books to read: World War Z and One Second After. They about as accurate as I think it gets. Anyone else read them, any other suggestions?
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  4. Sierraowner5.3

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    all carrries are nuke powered, so good for 50 years or so, plus carry a whole lot of jet fuel, a nimitz wouldnt be a bad option, assuming you could find enough people to run the whole thing.

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  5. SurrealOne

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    Well, in Hollywood you only need like 5 people to run a whole destroyer or 10-12ish people to run a WWII battleship. (See the movie 'Battleship'.) So we need like what, 20ish people to run a Nimitz class carrier for our fantasy zombie scenario?

  6. repley81

    repley81 Member

    I'm happy in what I'm driving now. Just beef it up a lil...
  7. McClintoc

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  8. ChevyFan

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    Ok, discussing the feasibility of zombies isn't allowed in a zombie thread. You have to take for granted that the laws of physics operate the same, but there is either a natural virus that causes reanimation ... or a supernatural "the dead will walk the earth" type of scenario. ALL OTHER LAWS OF PHYSICS ARE STILL ACTIVE IN ZOMBIE-INFESTED SCENARIOS.
  9. SurrealOne

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    I absolutely can't take that for granted because various people don't run out of bullets in zombie movies or even some zombie shows. This is hard evidence that physics obviously operates differently in zombie-infested scenarios, as the magazine must have some kind of pocket dimension within it that contains nothing but the proper round of ammunication for the relevant firearm ... and an infinite supply of it, at that.

    Likewise, it's been noted that in some zombie scenarios certain vehicles never break down, require maintenance, or get so much as a scratch. (I seem to recall you linked an image with one such vehicle on it, @Steve.) This is evidence that in zombie scenarios the physical properties associated with wear and tear on a vehicle as a result of the transfer of kinetic energy between two or more surfaces that meet ... is different and, so again, the laws of physics clearly operate differently.

    Likewise, getting good gas out of pumps and vehicles that have been idle for extended periods has been demonstrated. (Or, worse, vehicles that use gas that just don't run out of the stuff -- another pocket dimension.)

    The evidence just doesn't support your assumption, sir, and the thread IS specific to a TV Show as evidenced by 'The Walking Dead' in the title. Thus, I believe the physics demonstrated in that show really should set the bar -- not reality. That is, after all, as on-topic as it gets. (Also, when reality was applied earlier in the thread you made it clear that this wasn't about reality.)

    Back on topic, I think I like the idea of the air craft carrier, best. In part because you can put all kinds of other vehicles in them ... and fuel! Basically you can have your cake and eat it, too!
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  10. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Looks like there is a zombie vehicle app out. Too bad it's not ready for Android yet, just the iphone.

    Anyone have an iphone and want to give this a go?

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