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    so i bought a z71 project truck. replaced transmission, motor, and tail light-head light-cab-and engine harnesses.
    the harnesses i put in were not from the same truck and there's been a few gremlins... wont do that again. for the most part i've worked them out but there is still one between my front park lights on the drivers side and the gauges. also there is one between the windshield wipers and the oil pressure switch.

    i've already been through a dozen times unplugging things and looking for ground problems or anything that might be the problem. the park lights are only coming when the ignition switch is in the run or start position. you can pull the gauge fuse and the problem stops or you can disconnect the ignitions' fuseable link and it stops.

    i'm noticing some wires in the cab harness are different colors or positions on the block that plugs into the fire wall on the drivers side than the one that came out. i also believe that this is where the problem is. however haynes "typical headlight and tail light diagrams" leave something to be desired with this problem.
    i believe the harness for the headlights are a 93 the tail lights and fuel pump is a 90 for sure, the engine harness is somethin around 90 (was bout identical to the one i removed), and the cab harness i'm unsure about but i do know the cruise control plug is the same as my 90 harness and it changed in 92 or 93.

    one last note, replaced the column also with a 93. no real except the blue and black jigsaw lookin pieces i think are the ignition plugs go the other way on the 93 than the 90. also the cruise control plug.

    i could use some input on the column thing but the old column acts the same way and didn't before but a lot of the harnesses were already trashed. also could use diagrams for these harnesses for the listed years for any 1500 gmc and chevy trucks.

    thanks for your time if you're still reading this. lol

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