Bigger tires or paint it black?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Chevyguy69, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. stchman

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    The Hypertech module for the GM trucks with the 4.8L, 5.3L, and 6.2L engines is the 32501 and it can be had on ebay for $300 shipped.
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    I just bought a Summit White 2012 Extended Cab 1500 and it's my only styling complaint on this version of Chevy/GMC truck. From the previous models there always was a fair amount sheet metal over the rear wheels and it looked balanced, this model it seems that GM wanted to cut some weight and make the truck look taller. It is a big benefit for those who want 36" tall tires since clearance would not be an issue. I did see a white truck just like mine and it did have black wheel well liners but you do end up with a whole lot of black. I have 20" chrome wheels and the white wheel well doesn't look all that bad with the chrome but I live in Florida and I drive only on paved roads (no salt or snow to worry about). For now, I'm washing the white but I'm sure after a while it will get coated with road tar and stone chips here and there. If you live in snow country it wont take long for the wells to get really beaten up. I think one advantage of wheel well liners that it might knock down some of the road noise. Bed liner coating would be a second choice. I have seen them on-line but I cannot find any at this moment, but they are about $80 a set.
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    I have just about decided to keep the 17" on because of having to buy the Hypertech module and the more expensive 20" mags and tires. I hadn't thought about the liners cutting down on the noise so that's a plus for me. This is my first crew cab and I hear a lot of wind noise around my right rear door...but feel no air. If you find that site for $80 a set let me know. I live in western SC so salt is not a problem. I just need to get rid of the ugly and noise! Lol! Sorry it took so long to get back with you but the email for messages I selected is not working for me.
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    Have you tried ebay, lots of folks are selling the entire new 20" wheel and tire combo with TPMS for GM trucks. Since your truck is a 2008, you can get the less expensive older Hypertech 32004 module, that should save you ~$100.

    I would suggest that you look into Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator, but they are just as expensive as the MaxEnergy module.
  5. Chevyguy69

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    I appreciate the info and will check out ebay. Even though my truck is just an 08, It's still high tech compared to my old 94 Z-71! lol. So if i bought 20" wheels and tires could I just get it "recalibrated" one time instead of buying a Hypertech? Also I see you have 123 posts, I set my account settings to receive emails when I get a reply and have yet to receive one. I contacted the administrator concerning this but haven't had a reply. I think I'm doing everything on my end correctly as I am familar with most forums.

    Thanks :great:
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    Yes, you can get it calibrated one time, that's all you need. Who is going to do the calibrating and how much will the calibration cost? My guess is it won't cost zero dollars.

    As far as getting email when you have replies to your thread, it works for me. Hopefully the admin will be able to get itsquared away for you.
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    Yes I believe they just fixed it! I don't know about calibration or what it cost but any tips will help will be appreciated! lol. I don't think the stealers will do it fer free. :lol:

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