Biggest POS car/truck ever made.

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by stchman, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. donyms

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    Well the biggest POSs I have ever owned would have to be the only 2 that ever left me stranded and those were a Toyota corolla that left me stranded in the high desert in California after slinging a rod and then there was my old Mercury cougar "the land yacht" It too left me stranded with a thrown rod but at least I wasn't in a secluded area when it happened. :glasses:
  2. Family Force 6

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    My 89 Corolla coupe was the lowest cost per mile vehicle I've ever owned. Just add (very little) gas and go and go and go....

    I had an old Dodge Omni in high school that was a heap. My brother owned a late 90's malibu and it was a complete lemon. I've always looked at Audi as unreliable vehicles, but don't have any 1st hand experience.
  3. Dana W

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    Without question, a 1972 AMC Gremlin "X", factory equipped with a 304 V8, Borg-Warner T90 3 speed trans, 3.90 rear. Not all that unreliable, but it was just a complete heap of engineering mistakes. Small parts also fell off on a regular basis, inside and outside door handles, dash buttons, bumper mounts, stuff like that. The "A" arm (wait, change that, trunion arm) eccentrics could NEVER be tightened enough to hold alignment and the lower ball joints were only good for about 40k. The sway bars were really thick, shocks and springs were stiff, and held the car flat on turns but the whole setup was an oversteer accident waiting to happen. The worlds first drifter :) except you couldn't stop it from turning in once the rear broke loose. And ugly? My orange one was ugly with raisins on it.
  4. stchman

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    While surfing the web, I found this site:

    Wow, a website dedicated to the HUGE POS K-car. I swear, there are fans of everything.
  5. pikefisher

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    Lets not forget the citation it was so ugly it was banned from demolition derby's! I cant believe Chevrolet really did make that.

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